PinballSpinner Pinburgh 2018 Bank Links - Sponsored by Dead Flip

I am happy to share an update to PinballSpinner Bank Links site, freshly updated with 2018 games a new more mobile-friendly interface.

Pinburgh 2018 Bank Links
Sponsored by Dead Flip

Many thanks to Jack Danger and Dead Flip for sponsoring the site!

The goal of the site is to quickly connect people to resources about a given game and give people an opportunity to study-up before Pinburgh.

This year you can sort by Bank, by Name, or focus specifically on games in the Intergalactic.

Where they exist, it includes links for each game to:

  • Pinside
  • PinTips
  • Pinball Videos
  • IPDB
  • The Official Bank Reveal Video
  • PAPAtv YouTube, if a specific Tutorial/Gameplay/Competition video exists
  • PAPA Rules Documents
  • Bob Matthew’s EM Guide
  • PinballSpinner Tutorials

This site wouldn’t be possible without the work of countless people who support the pinball hobby who have created all of these wonderful resources to begin with.

I specifically want to give a shout-out to whoever MisterVercetti is on YouTube; they took the time to timestamp the start of every game in the video, and I’ve taken those timestamps and linked each game. I translated those timestamps to a Google Sheet for everyone to have access to:

If you notice any problems on the site (incorrect links, resources that should be linked, etc.) please drop me a line at


Sidebar: I’ve also included a page for machines that are missing information from the various sites, in case people want to either add that information (i.e. PinTips) or can point me to resources that might be missing (i.e. an official PAPA Tutorial video I might have missed).


Heck Yeah!! Amazing tool for sure!


I love how these include timestamps of the Pinburgh reveal video. Really nice touch.

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the pintips link on here is broken, fyi

Blue Chip and Dipsy Doodle are both on Pjntips :slight_smile: Family Guy has good tips, but no one copied them over to Shrek :frowning:


I just added them :smiley:

Anyone know the best way to contact Bob Matthews about his wiki? I saw some incorrect details when skimming it


Dipsy Doodle (as Doodle Bug), Blue Chip and El Dorado are on pinballvideos. If you want any help automating this stuff for next year, let me know, I’m happy to help, and there are APIs in place that make this really easy.

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Thanks to the mystery person who timestamped everything on the comments of the YouTube video itself!

Fixed. Thanks for the catch. 2am is usually not the best time for QA.

Added to the site!

Added Dipsy Doodle and Blue Chip.

I never realized El Dorado was actually El Dorado City of Gold; I always assumed it was the EM. I’ve got to get all my references corrected for this one; it’s in the queue.

Definitely! This year’s focus was on a more friendly mobile interface, and I’m already thinking about a more robust automation/ETL process for future years since a lot of it is still VLOOKUPs and manual ETL processes. A lot of the trouble is on name matching (i.e. a game is announced as “AC/DC Premium” but I have keyed in my lookups as either an ID number or just “AC/DC”.


Dude, this is freaking amazing


Thanks for this. Its so good!

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Way to go Corey!

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Thanks everyone for the nice words!

A version 5.1 update:

  • Links to the 60 Second Tutorial audio files that were created for the IPFA Nationals have been added
  • The final three games missing from @BMU’s Awesome EM Guide have been added and linked. Every EM in the event has a page in the EM Guide!
  • El Dorado links have been converted to El Dorado City of Gold

Great work!

Small thing: The link on the main page says “Pinburgh 2017 Banks”.

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The IPDB, Pintips, Pinside, and PAPA vid links for Atlantis in Bank 41 link to the Bally solid state game rather than the Gottlieb EM.

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I’d suggest renaming the Bank 41 Atlantis to “Atlantis (Gottlieb)” and the other to “Atlantis (Bally)”

Once again, great stuff, Corey! I wish this would have been during my first Pinburgh and afterwards when I started digging into older pin rules. Excellent resource for pointing people to all the info out there.

I’ve also learned some things on more obscure EM/Classics (non-Pinburgh ones) from various YouTube videos posted – presumably by collectors. But it was quite hit or miss on the video quality as well as content quality.

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Noted. Good idea about the rename! I’ll address this tonight or tomorrow when I do my next database update.


Great job and thanks for this.

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A few updates for tonight:

  • Atlantis links have been corrected and the two have been designated as Bally and Gottlieb.
  • Aerobatics links corrected.
  • It turns out Iron Maiden doesn’t have an IPDB link, so that’s been removed.
  • PinTips have been updated to reflect the latest additions (thanks to the game adds by @gdd, including this gem for Casanova:

Pinburgh’s Casanova is modified to give the same award for each backglass ball. And it ain’t giving 500. :slight_smile: