PinballSpinner Pinburgh 2018 Bank Links - Sponsored by Dead Flip

Oh really? Tell!

It’s been like this for at least a year, the ball always goes 150. Check it out on the reveal video, or walk past it on Thursday to see how it was done!

Yep! Casanova is a skill based game. Now Riverboat Gambler, on the other hand…

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Great resource! Thanks a million for putting this together.

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Love the mod on Casanova. Where can I buy this mod?


Doug calls that “Technology”. LOL

A huge shout out again for making this awesome resource.
Everyone was using this the entire event, myself included.


+1 to that- having everything organized was IMMENSELY helpful. Thank you so much!


Thanks to everyone and their support of the site this year! I have to give a special thanks to @DEADFLIP for their sponsorship this year.

Here’s a fun view of an hourly cut of when there were visitors on the site, not surprisingly spiking at the start of a round. Interestingly, when you look at 2017 (in orange) vs 2018 (in blue), you can see you a shift in round 7 and 8 peaks, likely due to the shift in schedule because of the marathon game on WPT in round 6.

This is a view of Sunday 2018 vs. 2017:

I’m guessing it was perhaps being used for the WIPT and Intergalactic finals? Since the banks weren’t known ahead of time, I’m curious if people found the site useful for those two events via the alphabetical listing page.

I’d appreciate if anyone has any feedback on the site; I heard of a few people indicate there were broken links and whatnot, and I’ll of course want to get that cleaned up.

My goal is to make modifications to the site by expanding game lists and resource links so that it’s not only useful for just Pinburgh, but for any event that you go to where you may not be familiar with the machines. We’ll see how that develops in the next few months.

Thanks again everyone for a great Pinburgh!


I really appreciated the “search by name” feature, for WIPT, for instances where the original banks had been modified by the time I was playing them, and for the finals banks. While I didn’t get moved to any back-up games, I’d assume it was helpful in those instances as well.

The only feedback I have is that Freddy Nightmare on Elm Street doesn’t link to its Pintips, even though it does have a Pintips page that I was able to find manually.

Thanks again for all your work on this! I keep it bookmarked on my phone throughout the year (another reason I love the “search by name” feature :wink: ) and it’s invaluable.