Pinball Underdogs

I was looking at the old post from after pinburgh where someone asked what everyone’s loves/hates were and got to thinking…what are some pins that many people commonly crap on while a few others love (sometimes for reasons others hate).

Some I noticed just from the thread: Shaq Attack, Heavy Metal Meltdown, Big Hurt. Basically a lot of old gottleib’s. I remember playing Dragon (interflip) and LOVING it, while a lot of my pals rolled their eyes and thought it was trash.

What others are there?

I like the comment @mizary made in the thread about Sharkey’s; “pinball is like pizza…”

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Just goes to show that Bruce Nightingale is always right :wink:

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Gotta give it up for Data East Star Wars. With the updated code it’s fun pinball machine, but people hate on it because the original code made for super repetitive play.


The most controversial game I always end up defending is Austin Powers. I think it has good music, good humour, and plays pretty good. I like it, it’s like the poor man’s Monster Bash.

The worst thing about it is that once you complete a mode you can’t start it anymore until after playing Moon Base which I have only done once. So you end up in jail with only the hard stuff to do.

I’ve heard several people get down on RFM, but I really like the game - - the modes, the humor, the display concepts, and the TOTAN-like wizard mode. It’s just fun to play! I don’t bother to do lock multiball often, just if I need one more saucer light at the end.


Help me understand the merits of the new code as I’m unsure the one I played had proper settings.

So the one I played with updated code:

The ramp does nothing except give you a million points every certain number of ramp shots and serves as the jackpot shot in MB

The one I played did this so I found myself hitting orbits and cashing in mystery awards all game and doing multiball as it kind of just happens over the course of a game.

Left me feeling the same about the game. Not good. Haha

Careful what you post here! Anything you hate can and will be used against you in a court of @PAPA_Doug


Multiball definitely rules the day, but there are good points to be had from scoop rewards and hurry ups. Enough to tip the game in your favor if your opponent is only shooting for multiball.

The ramp will also relight the scoop (takes a handful of ramps).

Not to mention that the game keeps yelling “Shoot the Death Star” over and over again!

I think of it as a more fun version of LW3. Not the best game in the world, but a solid game to play none the less.

Just wish they kept the progress ramp millions award. When a game only has one ramp, make me want to shoot it more than a few times a game.

I’m bias towards LW3 cause I own it, but like that way better. Similar flow to T2 and love the difficulty of the multiball and that it makes you hit all shots in the game and also the risk reward of the double/quadruple jackpots.

I get you can get big points from ramp only on LW3 but you seriously need like 50-60 of them to compete with someone doing modes and MB

The ramp is just too easy on SW:DE. It is super wide and can be hit easily from either flipper. Those 50-60 ramp completions are not very hard. Before the code update I would start every game doing 20-30 ramps to get a solid base score before moving on to other things.

Before the code update a ramp shot would also spot you a STARWARS letter so every 8th ramp was another 10 million points.

Great point on the ramp on SW being too easy. Totally agree.

LW3 isn’t quite as bad since it can only be hit from the right for the most part. Way harder to ramp out on LW3 to me. Thinking of getting the big fat yellow posts for either side of the LW3 ramp to make it even more tough.

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I’ve always had a soft spot for Hurricane. Everyone craps on it because of the “millions forever” center loop strategy, but if you can tune the drop into the right inlane so the looping is super fast, it becomes a lot harder to sustain.

Plus, who doesn’t love some Clown Time?


As far as Sterns from the late-00s go, I kinda like 24. Smooth backhandable left ramp, stackable MBs, and I enjoyed the show itself.

I love DE:SW, but feel the code is still flawed. The game would be much better is multiball progress carried over from multiball to multiball. If number of deathstar hits in multiball to light the ramp keep growing, multiball would stop being the main thing to play. As it is, it is too easy to use the hurry-up and get back into multiball.

The 2 games I love I spend most time defending are GB and BBH.

A select few of us around here love Mr and Mrs pacman.


Seems like all or nothing games, like BSD or IM, get a lot of grief. I’ve always loved BSD after owning one. IM I loved when they first came out and were on location everywhere. Now, I don’t like to see one in league or competition too much. Weird.

Stern Indiana Jones. In part because I remember first playing it in 2008, the first time a friend and I went to the PHOF in Vegas. While I’d loved pinball for years by that point, my knowledge of it was still minuscule. Gimmicky as it was, the eight-ball Ark multiball got our attention. Fast forward to last Spring and I played it after a match in our Sunday bar league. By that point I was savvy enough about pinball to understand why people hate it — the repetition, the easy shots, etc. — but I could just get lost in it. Now it’s a game that I’ll play on location just to zone out, not think too hard, and maybe listen to music as I play. No. Is it challenging? Not really. Will I drop 50 cents in it nearly every time I see it? Absolutely.

The only thing I hate about it is that it acknowledges the existence of that Crystal Skull movie. Is it a ground-breaking game?

BTW, I also love the Data East Star Wars, and I don’t quite see what all the hate is for Stern Star Wars, either.

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Stern Indy was also one of the first games that I played regularly in a Corvallis bar before I knew tournaments existed. I played Stern Indy during the entirety of the Tessie show on Tuesday and play it as a measure of how much I’ve improved since moving to Portland. 305mil later and had to drain for the next round to start. I’ve got better.


I watched much of that game. I had gone in there to play Indy after getting eliminated and I, too, had to wait for the entirety of Tessie. Good job!