Pinball Underdogs


For me it’s High Roller Casino - yeah the game’s entirely too easy, and most of the callouts are cheesy as heck, but there’s still something about it that always makes me stop and play a game or two every time I see one.

Something about how it builds up the jackpot calls really does it for me.


Seems like people always groan when they have to play Judge Dredd in tournament. I don’t really get the hate for it I guess. It’s kinda goofy but I like that it’s different and I think it’s got some satisfying shots. I also have a thing where I like being good at games most people don’t like to play. When people complain before a match like “nobody likes this game amiright?” Or “we’ve gotta play this?”, I just kind of smile and shrug.


When I first learned how to play this game I was blown away how many shots were crammed into that upper right corner. Haha


Personally, my beef with JD is that all of the ones on location are in terrible condition and the machine never plays well. The few opportunities I’ve had to play a functional JD, I’ve really enjoyed myself.


This was precisely why I initially didn’t care for TSPP for a long time. :slight_smile: I even knew it was a solid, super-deep game with great theme integration of my favorite TV show of all time, but almost every machine I tried to play for many years just had at least one major deal-breaker.


I regret that I have but 1 like to give.