Pinball survey email from L.E.K.

I’ve received a poorly written email about a pinball survey. Does anyone know on who’s behalf this survey is being conducted?


My name is David Li, and I am an Associate at L.E.K. Consulting (, a global strategic management consulting company.

We are currently conducting a survey to understand views on pinball, including player behavior and perspectives on different machines.

If you are interested in participating in our online survey (~15-20 minutes), we are offering 15 USD for the completion of the survey. The payment will be provided as a virtual pre-paid Visa card sent to your email address. In the survey, we are not asking for any confidential information, and all responses will be anonymized and aggregated. A payment will only be made to individuals who qualify and complete the entire survey.

To access your unique survey, please click the link below:

Our study concludes on September 4, 2018 at which time your survey link will expire.

Feel free to email me at with any questions you might have, and I would be happy to > provide you with more details.

David Li

Just got an invite to a survey on pinball player opinions from “L.E.K.” Anyone know if it’s legit, or anything about why / for whom they’re doing this?

Also got this email but it was in my spam folder. Did they get our emails through IFPA?

LEK itself looks legit (looked them up), actually sounds like an interesting place to work, but who knows it this is really from them and what it’s all about? I’m following up on it.

Also got it. Think this probably came from an email database at IFPA or Stern. Or possibly pinside sold their email database? LEK does look legit, as does the company that is administering the survey. Following along…

I can rule that out, as I got the email also but I don’t have a Pinside account.

Not IFPA related … at least that I’m aware of. I didn’t receive the email myself.

I got it too. Change up the ‘individualized’ survey by altering a letter or two in the URL. (Assuming you’d rather not give them any info.)
They ask age, sex, income level, zip code, children in house.
How often have you visited each of the following types of establishments in the last year?
Mini golf course, Golf driving range, Go karting track, Bar / Restaurant with a selection of games / arcade machines (e.g., pool / billiards, pinball), Billiard / pool room, Paintballing / airsoft park, Videogame Arcade, Bowling Alley, Indoor skydiving, Amusement / waterpark, Movie theater, Laser tag arena, Trampoline park, Indoor rock climbing, Ice / rolling skating rink, Family Entertainment Center (e.g., Dave & Buster’s, Chuck E Cheese, Main Event)

Please rate each of the following games / activities based on their level of appeal to you, regardless of whether or not you have actively participated / played in the past.

On how many occasions did you actually participate in the following activities / play the following games in the last year?

Which of the following games have you ever owned or do you currently have in your home?

When is the last time you purchased a pinball machine for your home?

That’s about 25% of the questions. Sounds like burglars figuring out where to rob to me.

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Just got it as well in junk folder. Some list somewhere got nabbed.

Whatever it is, I’m deeply suspicious of a survey claiming to pay me $15 from a company I’ve never heard of and that GMail immediately lands in my Spam folder.


Also had it sent straight to my Spam folder.

Can anyone that uses site-specific email addresses identify the source? @Wizcat, @ericwag, @joe? (Tagging you based on your comments made in the Jersey Jack Marketing Emails thread.)


Pinball spam? We’ve finally made the big time!!!

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“Every pinball needs a family, and every family needs a pinball.”

My wife got it too. If it’s a pinball specific list that was sold it probably was TPF.
Edit: Other surveys from LEK have been about hotel chains. Could have been one or more of them that provided a list from users who got a room from a block designated for a pinball event.

David Li is for real; he responded to my question with a link to his LinkedIn page. Just to be safe, I logged in and searched for him independently and got the to same page as showed in his link. He’s actually in the LA office of LEK. Said it’s a market research survey on coin-op arcade games looking for users’ point of view.

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I got it, and never had anything to do with tpf.

I just cross-referenced Matt’s previous events and mine, and the only commonalities were prior year’s Pinburghs and last year’s Intergalactic. That leaves IFPA and PAPA as the only two sources he and I would have in common. Who slipped up?

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Yep, can confirm I got it at the unique email address I used for ifpa

Sorry Josh. This is what happens when you hand out your email list to third parties. We’ve no idea which third party has now been hacked or further handed out these email addresses now.

As mentioned the last time we all got spammed, would be better if sponsors contacted you when they wanted to send spam. Then you send the email on behalf of the sponsor. I suppose it’s closing the door once the horse has bolted now however…


What were some of the games mentioned JOOC?

I got it in my gmail spam with no identifying markers (but I haven’t been extremely good about using them).

I’m not aware of us doing anything like this, so I don’t THINK it’s us, but I don’t know 100% tbh.

I auto-deleted the email when I saw it. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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