Pinball goals for 2020

Since 2020 pinball plans are already a subject of discussion among some friends, figured I’d start this year’s thread.

  • Crack top 100 (currently around ~240).
  • Crack at least semifinals of a SPC event (I was one tiebreaker short this year).
  • Travel to various SPC’s I had been wanting to make for some time (e.g. NWPC, Chicago, FPF).
  • Get back into A finals again in Pinburgh, and survive at least one round.
  • Win at least $500 at any given event.
  • Purge my “top 20 resume” of <10 point events.
  • Play less nervous when I’m having a bad game and feeling “under pressure”.

Maybe at to the first one:

  • make sure I enjoy myself at all events!

I plan on switching gears next year with my pinball. I wont be focusing on making state but instead want to host a few tournaments and make the focus of my competitive experience the event itself. i basically wanna do everything at tournaments besides play (I still want to play im just currently more interested in other aspects of tournament play). Id like to play less but travel more. Try to make the events i play in something special, not just rinse and repeat with every event being about making state.

Playing wise, id like to become more patient, stay at least 999 or better and not break 500 (currently 600 something).


I made this my primary focus this year. I went from never running a single tournament to running 18 of them! Along the way I learned more from watching and actually felt more connected to the sport than just being a globetrotting flipper week after week.

Ironically, the less I played competitively the looser I began to play, and now I actually have a remote chance of making SCS with two weeks left in the season.

I think everyone who loves the game should push themselves to see the entire sport from all angles. You’ll help those TD’s who are constantly looking for volunteers, too!


I think I was able to pick off a few of my goals for 2019. Here’s some for 2020:

  • Crack the top 250.
  • qualifying for and win the KY SCS in January 2020
  • find a cheetah
  • make Pincinnati III even better
  • attend Dory Hill

Break even playing dollar games.
Avoid earning a single IFPA point.
Drink lighter beer while playing.
Get my Maiden to not launch 2 balls into the shooter lane.


Workout daily
Complete vision training 5x’s per week
Complete daily drills 5 days a week
Learn one ruleset every 2 weeks

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  • play in some pump and dumps (I usually avoid them but it seems like that’s where all the fun is)
  • play in more big tournaments and qualify (missed finals barely at Pintastic and Intergalactic)
  • make it farther in states (made it one round last year)
  • host two tournaments (hosted my first one last year)
  • consistency (9-9-9-9-4 at last pinburgh friday, then 0-0-3-3 in finals)

Same… :frowning:

i’ve only been playing for a short amount of time, managed to reach all my 2019 goals that i thought were achievable so why not set slightly harder 2020 goals?

  • crack top 1000 in IFPA (currently 1904, so roughly double the WPPRs I have now. 2019 goal was 2500)
  • win my two local leagues (i mean one has jack tadman and adam becker in it…so)
  • make provincials (this ties into wanting to make more local events than last year, and I missed out on a huge tournament we had in august)
  • reach b division or higher in pinburgh (made b in my first year, so looking to repeat that success)

but most important of all!

  • continue enjoying tournaments and all the great people you meet at them, lend a hand when i can scorekeeping and whatnot at bigger events

I joked that I was probably the most “average” A player this year on day 2. Wound up with a 6, 6, 6, 6… and a 7. :joy:

It was fine from a consistency standpoint… I just needed to have “better” consistency.

Stop my panic flipping and flailing :smiley:

Or maybe stop is too strong a word, taper off a bit would still be great haha


There’s one at Kickback in Pittsburgh. I think it’s PAPA’s. It just got here and it’s beautiful.


At least two on location around LA/OC as well. One of them is set to one bonus collect per ball too. :slight_smile:

There was one at EXPO that looked brand new. Dimples on the playfield and everything.

Stage a coup and remove @PinballProfile Teolis as IFPA emperor. Put the power back in the hands of the people! Make second place the highest paying position in terms of both cash and glory.


This one I like.

My first goal for 2020 pinball wise is to give up trying to solve INDISC trivia as it’s a maddening experience. **Already started this one, why not.

  1. Get our team league up and running.
  2. Win league finals. (Lots of 2nd and 3rd place finishes last year.)
  3. Survive 4-6 months of Munsters being the machine at my favorite bar. (Deadpool just got rotated out).
  4. Play at least 50 machines I’ve never played before.

Number 4 should be easy if you go to the VFW show in May. Place is incredible. I played over 100 games across two days I’ve never played before.

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  • Took a year off from competing in Open tournements after some meh experiences and I’m ready to get back into it with a clearer head and better coping mechanisms for staying focused. I started a blog to chronicle my adventures so that’ll help keep me accountable.

  • Turn my somewhat neglected insta (sorry sorry sorry) into an audio interview series. I hesitate to say podcast because it really wouldn’t be

  • TD again! It’s been a while since I did that, too.

  • Started a casual/knowledge-share home league called Pinbrunch that I’m excited to keep doing this year. Ran one in early December and it went super well! I’m excited to see what comes of it. Next one’s in Feb.


This is a major goal of all players I would bet, nice one.

My Pinball related goals for 2020:
**Continue lowering my rank to 700-1000 (Currently at ~510) / Was 104 at one time.
**Attend a big show/event I have never been to.
**Have more than 1 Good ball per game played.
**Continue coaching those that appreciate my help.
**Update my unique game titles played list. Last check was up over 1300.