Pinball Goals for 2018


Last year I planned on winning IFPA and retiring from competitive play. Neither worked out so for this year I tone it down a bit:

Win the Finnish Pinball League
Continue my semi-retirement


@ryanwanger there’s also this graph page I made a while ago using the IFPA’s archived rank data:[]=Ryan+Wanger


Amazing. This is exactly what I wanted! Thanks @umbilico


This tool is awesome! I’m a little confused about the Pinball Gulf of 2014 in my standings, though, because to my knowledge I didn’t drop to 5,930th in the world unless @pinwizj released some very hurtful WPPR updates.


I emailed Shepherd. Something is definitely f*cked up in that dip.

We’re doing a full database rebuild since 1980 tonight, so we’ll see if that gets cleared up tomorrow (or whenever this rebuild finishes - could take DAYS) :slight_smile:


I mean, the part where I drop from 316th to 846th in a week hurts but was probably due to a combo of an event depreciating and a WPPR change, and it’s reflected in old IFPA results, but the rest of the free fall is funky fo sho.


Updates to mine:

Didn’t get to a billion on Metallica or Last Man Standing on TWD- haven’t really focused on trying for either of those.

I did finish first in my league finally!

I bought a Blue Chip

and I’m ranked right around 400. Gonna a lot harder to get to 300 by years end but we shall see.


Get streaming equipment and stop puting it off!


Did you notice you have nearly the same dip? Yours only goes from March-September compared to Zoe’s March-December. Zach’s doesn’t drop to zero but it’s pretty close.


I did notice … Paging @Shep :slight_smile:


You will need to attend bigger events to get above 300. ~11pts. per event average needed currently. Best of luck.