Pinball Goals for 2018

A blatant rehash of @gammagoat 's 2017 thread, but just as valid.

  • Get into the top 250 so I can see results for the power 100 (I keep getting close, but then run out of tournaments to enter).

  • Beat Andy Foster in a final (0-3 this year).

  • Qualify with a bye at a major comp.

  • Win a tournament abroad.

  • Finally get to Keefer Invitational - the only wizard mode I haven’t got to, of the machines I’ve owned.

  • Defend my Guinness World Record of 30hrs playing WPT - if it’s broken.

  • Introduce at least 50 new players to competitive pinball, by both hosting fun and easily accessible tournaments at new locations, and encouraging existing players to bring their family and friends along (I think I stand at about 90 so far, at least half of which have now played at least 5 comps).



learn to nudge instead of sliding games when they’re on concrete floors…

  • Get better at my side-to-side-outlane-shimmy

  • Play more frickin’ tourneys, move up in ranking a smidge

  • Be more accountable: ie make consistent blog posts, show up to team league games w/100% attendance

  • Learn/improve board-work, finally start learning how to work on EMs (I’m gonna figure tech/fix-it stuff counts for this goal list)

  • Get my pins out of Danger’s studio and finally into my own house


Alright, alright:

  • If they’re not fixed, finish up work on my Elektra and Delta Queen projects.

  • Break the top 100 (not Power because my IFPA resume is already long gone for growing up a Pittsburgh pinballer) OR do my best at a certain thing that may happen (vaguespeak!).

  • Start a blog, vlog, stream, something independent for entertainment/educational purposes. Put my shiny Black Friday C922 purchase to use!

  • Purchase a machine from the late 80s or later.

  • Qualify for the IFPA State Championships in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and one other state.

  • Make some trips to new semi-nearby locations to play for fun/competition. Morgantown WV, Pincrossing near Harrisburg, etc.

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2018 was going to be my stern circuit tour, but I think I might have to push it back to 2019.

Other than that:

Win the KY SCS
Be top 500 by year end
Make A division in Pinburgh
Finish in the top ten of a circuit event
Have at least two high quality tournaments complete with excellent streaming coverage.


I reserve the right to edit these before Jan, but I think.

  • be ranked top 100 at some point in the year (not that I deserve it)
  • Win a big classics tournament. Had a few good top 4 finishes in 2017.
  • Successfully start new league at new barcade in town.
  • finish the other room in my basement to solve my out of pin space issue.
  • make it to end of the line on MET

I just really want to get to the end of 2018 feeling like I’m a measurably better player. I had better results in 2017 than 2016, but I don’t feel like I improved at all as a player, mostly because I didn’t put in the right types of effort. I know what I could have done better, so I’m ready to attack 2018.

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Sorry, this conflicts with my goal to repeat as KY SCS champion :wink:

Bring it!! You’re lucky I flamed out in the semis last year. Feel free to repeat your 2016 performance. Haha

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  • Finish restoring the Firepower I bought last year
  • C division finals at Pinburgh
  • top 50 in the 24 hour pinball tournament
  • A friend gave me a PROC as a housewarming gift- get that installed in a game this year, and start experimenting with homebrew games
  • Find one more game to compete my home Pinburgh bank (right now I’ve got X-Men LE, Firepower, and Super Straight- thinking of Fish Tales to round it out)
  • Stop being so hard on myself- I’m tired of walking away from games angry. Try to be more positive and walk away thinking of what I did well and could do better next time instead of calling myself a stupid motherfucker.
  • Make the playoffs for both of the leagues I’m in, and do well in them. Finally made it to one this year but didn’t fair so well.
  • Same as last year, beat @gammagoat during matchplay at least once at an event
  • Make the Top 24 in the Provincials (assuming it will be top 24, but based on this year it should be)
  • Add a new machine to the collection.
  • Be more consistent. My Achilles heel
  • Get to the playoffs/finals more often in tournaments
  • Top 75 in Canada, with a stretch of Top 50
  • play more non-tournament pinball
  • host a tournament
  • buy a Stars
  • improve mental side of tournament play
  • bring a new person to the hobby

Read the Inner Game of Tennis. If you have already read it, re-read it.

  • Make it to the top 210 in IFPA ranking
  • Play 6 out of state tournaments
  • Earn 25+ points in a single event
  • Get 25 people to play in a tournament or league for the first time
  • Reach Encore on AC/DC (EBs on, outlanes open)
  • Make 15 consecutive shots without missing, on two different games (can be same shot, or a combination of different shots)

Dude! I will never forget that future spa.

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There’s a new barcade out your way, Ian? Where about, and what’s it called?

I won’t forget it either. It was my first tournament win, and only win to-date. “The future is now” :slight_smile:

Pin up arcade bar. King and University in Waterloo. Public details are the help wanted ad.

Gonna have to be relax a bit. I think I’ve been overdoing it on the organizing front, especially since the league I administer (Bluffs) went weekly in July. Take better care of myself so I’m still around to organize in the future - collapsing at a tourney last week (overheated and over stressed) was quite a wake up call.

I’m going to try to get Pinball for Change over the $20,000 mark in order to build a 2nd classroom in Kanambu Ecuador, with many thanks to the Toronto Pinball Community for all the support the last several years. We’re just under $18000 at this point.

Play more for enjoyment than competition. My goal was Top 1000 and I’ve done that. I guess it’s maintenance time on that goal.

Make 20 new Pinball friends!

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