Pinball Goals for 2018


Shorter list this year since our family of two has become three.

  • Cash in the Expo tourney (finished just shy of A division cash in 2017)
  • Reassemble my Farfalla, which I left unfinished 5+ years and one home ago (failed 2017 goal)
  • Score 1 billion on The Walking Dead (failed 2017 goal) or reach Last Man Standing
  • Qualify for Illinois SCS playoffs
  • Go big or go home: win A division of CPL (theoretically possible since finals will be all EMs)


Qualify for A or B division at Pinburgh. (was in C in 2017)
End the year in the top 700 (currently 800th)
End the year owning more than one machine.
Play an Alien machine.
Break 1b on R&B with EBs turned on.
Get better at the drop catch
Dead pass more
Shatz more
play more
win more


The way I started to learn this was when a ball is coming across the playfield and headed toward the heel of the flipper. My “drop catch” was really just trying to send the ball up the inlane. Then as I got more comfortable doing that, I’d start doing it further out on the flipper.

Also learning on double flipper games is pretty easy too, particularly Captain Fantastic. As it comes down the right orbit, hold the upper right flipper up. Now drop catch with the top left flipper. It’s an easy and safe place to do it because you have a second flipper to let the ball roll down onto. (Also, drop catches IMO are easier to first learn on older games with weaker flippers).

  • Hit 300 WPPRs for my top 20 events for an average of 15/event. Currently at around 180~ so this should be doable but hard. This would bump my rank from 420->155~ as well.

  • Qualify in A at INDISC and Pinburgh.

  • Learn how to stage flip consistently.


I’m gonna change it up this year . . .

Try to finish SECOND in a Major during 2018 :slight_smile:


Goals for 2018:

Continue helping locals play better and qualify for 2018 MI SCS.

Get to EOL on Metallica (Failed in 2017)

Lower IFPA Player ranking to around 300-400 from 150-160 range. :exploding_head:

Run a few local events with help of local players.


And try to tank on High Hand?


Careful, you might become 3rd Place Josh instead!


I’ve never gotten 3rd before . . . 4th twice and 2nd 4 times, and I can tell you the 2nd’s feel far worse than the 4th’s :wink:


Clearly you’re headed for three 3rds :smiley:


My goal is to be the first to congratulate @pinwizj on his first Major. It might not be in pinball, but a major is a major.


Did a whole lot of my 2017 ones. :slight_smile:

  • Break top 500 (currently 774th).
  • Break 1 billion on a pre-GoT modern “red DMD” era Stern (TWD/Met/ST).
  • Attend at least three Stern Pro Circuit events; obviously place as high as I can. Preferably ones I haven’t attended, and ones >= 1000 miles away from SoCal.
  • Master Shatzing and loop passes.
  • Get more consistent at saving.
  • Make more pinball friends.
  • Beat @mwelsh to an INDISC trivia answer. :wink:

Dunno if I’d be able to make my first PAPA this year (mainly cause we don’t know when it’ll be), so I’ll shoot for my first PAPA in 2019.


I’m carrying a few of my goals from last year into 2018. :sweat_smile:

  • Qualify in A division at Kidforce. Getting in the top 24 is hard in a league of 100! But darn it I’m gonna.
  • Get my Lost World working. It’s time to bite the bullet and get the wiring redone.
  • Attend at least 2 major pinball events. I think this year I’m prepared for Pinburgh.
  • Crack top 1000 in IFPA world ranking. I’d like to go further but that’s at least an attainable goal, I think.
  • As a TD, continue to improve the quality and showmanship of my monthly events.
  • As a tech, make sure the machines at the parlor are ready ahead of time for said monthlies. Being able to fix them mid-tournament is nice, but it’d be better if I didn’t have to do that at all.
  • Run more events, outside of my monthly. Maybe just a weekly here or there…I wish I could dedicate more concrete time to adding to the competitive pinball scene, but it’s tough to find time working two jobs.
  • Get as close as I possibly can to qualifying for Ohio SCS. Perhaps a pipe dream, but darn it I’m gonna work my butt off to have the best 20 card I can.


Pinball Goals for the New Year:

  1. Host a tournament (and figure out the $1 fee)

  2. Win a one-day tournament

  3. Qualify for PInburgh A

  4. Win Pittsburgh Pinball League

  5. Travel twice for pinball

  6. Crack the top 75