Pinball goals for 2017


I meant to look at your retroactive stats to see if they ‘would’ve’ qualified. So if their goal was to qualify (like it was for one friend of mine) and they technically failed, they may, in fact HAVE qualified IF the retroactive stats were real when they happened. I know it sounds alt-fact-y but for my one friend it meant she did qualify when the WPPRs were fixed recently so it’s like a consolation thing :slight_smile:


After playing GhostBusters a bit more and getting to know it more, I have to say CFTBL hands down.
One goal achieved.


I understood your intention (consolation) and it was appreciated!


Make it to Encore or End of the Line
Qualify in B division at PAPA
Make it into A division at Pinburgh again


One goal accomplished! Finals are 4/29. Can’t wait.


Winter league is done- I did not qualify for finals (missed by one point!) but I qualified into B division, compared to a D division placement in every season before this. It’s not an apples to apples comparison, because of changes to our league format this season, but what is comparable is that my average score went up by quite a lot - so I’ll chalk it a win. And I’ve got two more seasons to make my goal of getting into finals.

I have played pinball every day save one this year. One day I literally just forgot I was supposed to play pinball!


Looking like next week this will be checked off the list. It be Hobbit Time!


One goal down. While it wasn’t on my list because I didn’t expect it to happen, I won my first tournament over the weekend, and it just so happened to be against him.

New goal, that’s a long stretch, crack the top 1500. I know it’s not a big deal to most of you, but it would be great for me.


As I recall this goal was accomplished on Sunday?


That was a pingolf tournament :stuck_out_tongue:


Win the New England Pinball League A division.

Kind of cheating with this one because I just did this today, but I legitimately told a handful of people I really wanted​ to win this one heading up to the event.


I find it really interesting how many people use IFPA ranking as a goal and an indicator of success. I wonder how that will work out, going forward.

I’m late to the party but my 2017 goals are:
:heavy_check_mark: Travel somewhere new and find a tournament to play in. (STL has a great scene!)
:arrows_counterclockwise: Travel specifically to play in a tournament. (Pinbrawl tix secured for the first time!)

  • Break into the top 100 within Seattle’s Monday Night Pinball league. (Currently at 156)
  • Finish in the top 1/3 for each tournament at NWPAS.


Adding two goals for PAPA week:

  • go out somewhere fun with out of towners
  • Make PAPA B the last tournament I will ever play a B Division in, by hell or high water, in the history of forever.


Hobbit received, setting up in a day or two.


Not only did I make A division finals of Cincy league. I won!!! Bonus points. Haha.


Well, didn’t make B at Pinburgh, but I got 5th in C, so I’ll make an exception and call that a goal reached.

edit: I think that Pinburgh might actually be my 20th WPPR event. Fancy that :grinning:

edit2: 19th event. Almost there!


Update! Turns out I’m so darn excited about achieving number 3 on my goals list that I have to give an update - I finally won a week last night! Yay!

I’ve also made strides with goal 1 - we started the league with 17 members one year ago today and last night 37 players joined in - growing and getting better all the time!

Goal 2 is also checked off - I jumped over that 50 mark and am currently 27th.

Goal 4 is a miss this year but I had a blast in D and will try again to improve my Pinburgh result next year!

Goal 5 is close! We have 17 founding members so far this year and just might make it to 20!

Hope everyone else is having fun and achieving their goals!


Sitting on a tentative 3/5 so far - had to cancel one of my tournaments, which made me sad. Should have put something about PPO in here, because I have an outside shot at Circuit finals if I crush it.


my main goal for 2017 was to break into the top 1,000. Mission accomplished! I am currently sitting at 985th! Pretty excited. And I have a win that hasn’t even posted yet.

Next goal. Get rid of all my active sub 1.0pt finishes. I think I have 4-5 left. But I have two results yet to post that should knock a couple more off the list.

Now I’d like to get below 850th by end of the year.

Other general goals… dead pass more in tourneys. I’ve gotten a little stiff and flaily lately. I need to settle down and let the ball slow down. Another goal is shatz/alley pass in tourneys. I’ve been practicing lots, but recently I tried an alley pass for the fist time in a tourney. It was on skateball I believe. It was not successful and I lost the ball right after (not as a direct result of the attempt) - but I was proud of myself for at least attempting to use new skills in a tourney setting. HeckI can still remember my first dead pass in a tourney… it hit the knuckle above the flipper and shot straight into the drain. I felt like an idiot. heh.


I guess if we are 3/4 of year updating I will share.

  1. Turned out that objective was far too easy for me.
  2. Yes. Rollercoaster of I’m in, followed by catastrophic malfunction (I’m out), followed by lower bar (I’m in).
  3. Yes, but only 2 new cities, so not really what I planned. Maybe still.
  4. Almost certainly.
  5. Didn’t even make finals in season 1. Season 2, hopefully different.
  6. Who am I kidding. Probably just going to sell the game.