Pinball goals for 2017


Is that a ball in both saucers and make like three jackpots?


When you get through the 5 regular Khan jackpots it lights the super as a roving shot on the Battlefield for 100M. Park a ball in one saucer to double it. Park a ball in each saucer to triple it. The hard part is getting it done before the timer on your saucers expire and the balls are kicked back into play.


My goals are pretty basic. I go through hot streaks and slumps, and the slumps are really hard to bust. I really just want to come out of 2017 feeling like I’m playing consistent pinball.

The other thing is that I need to solve my bombing out in the finals curse. I get 2nd place A LOT. First IFPA event of the year in 2017, and I already took 2nd (despite steamrolling qualifiers and the semifinals). I don’t know if it’s the yips or what. I don’t feel nervous or on edge. I just don’t perform in finals.


What is the deal with slumps? Why does pinball got to be that way?


Not sure, but if you figure it out, please share. My slumps seem to always happen at the worst times too.


I like that “the hard part” – like the rest of it is super simple :wink:


Play pinball everyday (like I’ve been doing for a few years) (Check-ish, I missed a couple of days)
Play in Maine SCS. (check)
Play in Women’s World Championship (Check)
Do well at a Circuit event (Check, made it to finals at Pin-Masters and classics finals at Clepin)
Play better at Pinburgh (fail, but made it to the finals in D div so that really is a win)
Win a div in NEPL (Check, won B this summer)
Break top 500 (fail, I got close though I’m in the 600s)
Start a women’s league (check, Belles & Chimes ANB had their first season in Nov./Dec.)

Play in Maine SCS and win.
Play in Women’s World Championship and win.
Play in more Circuit events.
Go to PAPA.
Play better at Pinburgh.
Finish top four at the 24 hour Battle.
Make Belles & Chimes ANB even better.
Break top 500.
Play Pinball every day, and keep improving my skills.
Help support the local pinball community as much as I can.
Commentate on a broadcast at an event again this year.

I probably have more goals this year but this is all I can think of.


Unfortunately looks like I have to revise this goal now although “Beat Don Coons in IL SCS” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it (no offense to Don)


Beat Don on Mars Trek otherwise you will hear about it the rest of your life :wink:


Might as well document my 2017 goals and join the fun:

  1. Keep improving the league I created last fall that has surprised me with the number of new passionate pinball players who found and continue to find us. I am in awe of the amazing community we’ve created!

  2. Break into the top 50 in women’s rankings. Long term goal… top 16 and a women’s championship invite!

  3. Win a week in my weekly league… have been soooo close!

  4. Qualify in (at least) C division at Pinburgh.

  5. Grow Belles & Chimes Phoenix to at least 20 members.

It’s going to be a good year :slight_smile:


I still have that PinBrawl scoresheet somewhere :slight_smile:


Very new to the competitive pinball scene, but we can all dream:

  1. Have a level of success with our current pinball league in Eugene high enough that we can do a second season!
  2. Organize an Oregon Pinball Summer Series with tournaments around the state, focusing on places that have never had a tournament before (Salem, Lincoln City, Bend)
  3. Play in City Champ in San Francisco.
  4. Get over 1 billion on Dr. Who


I’d be down to organize and/or play in a tournament at the Coin Jam (Salem), The Dam (Corvallis), or Game Over (Lincoln City). I’m sure we can organize some car pooling from Eugene and PDX. Let’s talk!


The owner at Level Up here in Eugene is buddies with Coin Jam & Game Over owners, so we have an in! I’ll hit you up next month some time so we can get the ball rolling.


My goal for last year was to qualify for SCS in my state, and I did!

My goal for this year is to qualify for the Women’s World Championship. I was tantalizingly close this year (edited: sorry, I mean “last year,” i.e. for 2016) and that’s put a bug in my ear…


did you look at your retroactive stats? you might’ve qualified since I had a friend who would’ve qualified for womens but didn’t at the time although after the Modern Super League nuke she would’ve qualified this year…


You’ve got a point. It did move me up several places, not enough to qualify “in the clear” (i.e., top 16) but enough that I would have just made it in as an alternate! Ha! Thanks for pointing that out, it kind of made my day. :slight_smile:



  • Make a dent in the projects
  • Fix the damn Alvin G soccer game (see #1)
  • Actually play in the SCS I am eligible for (and not double-book a basketball game on the assumption I’m not qualified)
  • Get to Kennywood this summer. (damn PAPA/Pinburgh schedule swap) :cry:


Update - Blew a Golden State sized 3-0 lead in the finals to runner up Ohio State Championship. Next Year!!!


I thought I saw that Josh wasn’t changing qualifications retroactively because people purchased plane tickets and reserved hotels and the like.