Pinball goals for 2017


Be the first Pittsburgh native to win Chicago State Championship

Play every game at Papa at least once.

Make the trek to Denmark for IFPA Championship and not embarrass myself

Help Replayfx become even more awesome than last year

Continue to meet awesome people at out of town tournaments


I’ve never been to the state of Chicago … is that anywhere near the state of Modern Pinball?

It is noteworthy that many states are dominated by one metro area as far as pinball goes. CA is definitely not one of them!


Yet just north of us OR has a giant pinball magnet centered in downtown Portland pulling all the pins in the state inward. WA is more spread out. Is BC Portland-like? That would be weird if it is,

Not a resolution guy but I recently noticed I’ve been ignoring wiz modes lately. Dwight’s rules on GOT and GB have made me greedy. All about the points. I resolve to see more wiz modes this year. GC scores be dambed. The accomplishment is the reward.


I’ve been doing this on AC DC lately to get to Encore… So hard to not just keep playing hells bells…


Host 2 tournaments
Qualify for 2018 Pennsylvania State Championship by finishing in the top 16
Qualify for something at PAPA
Make A in Pinburgh
Play something outside the Pittsburgh Area


My goals are unfortunate, having moved last year

  1. Find a pinball machine on location somewhere
  2. Play it.
  3. Go to a show somewhere in the UK this year.

4. Buy a pin and put it in my flat.


Qualify at World Champs in Copenhagen (made the cut points last year but lost the 8 way tiebreaker to zenjeedas on EBD)

Qualify in a Papa Classics or 2.

Top 40 new format PAPA

Qualify at pinburgh

Top 4 a circuit

Back to back NYS champ

Win back to back to back pinball NYC team league

Get new players involved at Sunshine League

Start a new trend of KO tournaments where $100 buy in grabs a grand prize of local operators em/solid state/cheap dmd pins that are for sale

Perfect loop passes

Double my buck rogers GC

GET A 10 billion HOTK

Stream more with Tim and others

Crush it like Thomka!


Chicago is not a state!


Make Pinburgh 2017 even better than Pinburgh 2016.

Make PAPA 20 the best PAPA ever.

Beat @Sod at Robotron.

Put High Hand back in Pinburgh finals.

Travel to more events.

Play in more events than I run (not likely).

Leave ‘ruining pinball’ up to @pinwizj and the IFPA. :wink:




Any resolutions for Target Pool?

  • Play a JJP machine

  • Double roll Danny Backglass’ Space Invaders

  • Six pack abs






Make it a Capt Card and you got yourself a deal! :slight_smile:


Play more Target Pool!


Play more Doodlebug!


1B jackpot on TOM.

Every time I get close the fucking left flipper shits the bed.
Need to get some liquid cooling on dat coil yo.


Khan Triple Super in competition


My goals are simple: play more, suck less.