Pinball goals for 2017


Wait, what’s this? You won the raffle machine at Michigan Pinball Expo and never received it? Or am I misunderstanding?


Iron Man HD isn’t silly, it’s AMAZING


People are sharing 2016, so here were mine (roughly).

  • Make PCS (check)
  • Seed A at pinburgh. (Fail)
  • attend as many new events as I could (check. TPF, CJ, CAX, PAPA, Buffalo)
    And my petty personal rivalry objective for last year. Keep my head-to-head against @PinballProfile on IFPA site in the green. (Check)


Have not received as of yet. Was told be one of the last ones. Never dreamed it would take this long. So yes you fully understood.


I really had to think about this for awhile. Here’s a list of my pinball-related goals for the year.

  • Make A Division in both Cleveland PInball League and Kidforce Pinball League
  • Fix up my Lost World. I’m basically just procrastinating this, 10 or so wires from the transformer connector were cut and rectified for some reason? Ugh.
  • Attend at least 3 annual tournaments. I’m aiming for PAPA, maybe Sanctum, and there’s the Ohio and Cleveland ones.
  • Related to PAPA, since it’s my first time I’m going to start with C, and see how that goes or if I need to bump up. Qualifying is my only goal there, heh.
  • Crash another area’s tournament last minute. I’ve got a buddy with that “let’s do it!” mindset for everything and I know one day soon I’ll just be in the car headed for Toronto or Pittsburgh to make a last minute entry.
  • Hopefully crack top 1000 this year.
  • Become more aware of when I need to slow down my game. I start to get too pumped up on certain games and make too many on-the-fly or moving shots that end up missing.
  • Lastly, put upward nudges fully into my consciousness. I’m tilting frequently on tight machines because I’m doing downwards nudging. It’s good for loose games, which I play a decent amount of, but not a great habit on unfamiliar machines.


Win IFPA. Retire from competitive play. Make a few decent cover versions of pinball music.


Well, guess I know my goal now!


Great thread!

Goals for 2016.

  • Get to as many tourneys as possible including PAPA (check)
  • Win one big tourney (got lucky with 2, Buffalo Pinball Summer Open Classics, and my original league LOPL)
  • get to know more in the pinball community (voila…Pinball Profile does just that)
  • make provincial championships (check)
  • Top 20 in Canada (check)
  • Top 300 in IFPA (check…barely)
  • make A’s in Pinburgh (check, got off to a good start with 12-0 round one…then downhill from there)

Goals for 2017:

  • at least 2 new tourney entries (Ohio and Michigan @ Clay’s looking good)
  • make A’s in Pinburgh
  • try A’s at PAPA (what am I thinking?)
  • Top 10 in Canada (longshot)
  • Top 200 in IFPA (need help)
  • at least one weekly Pinball Profile interview (they aren’t really podcasts, more interviews)
  • get past Round one of provincial championships
  • beat @gammagoat head to head. In pinball or physically.


I already get one out of the way this year - hit A division in a PAPA Circuit event (INDISC). But it also seeded another goal too. Anyway:

  • Attend at least 3 new major tournaments (Pinburgh is already one of those).
  • Shoot for B in Pinburgh, then make a solid showing there. Stretch: A, and hope for the best. :slight_smile: (read: really shooting for A, but will be fine with B).
  • Crack the top 1000 in IFPA rank (stretch: top 500). The above will certainly help in that regard.
  • Familiarize myself more with classic SS and EM games, having been a child of the DMD age myself. There aren’t a whole lot of them on location nearby, but the situation is very slowly improving.
  • Train myself to play calmer under pressure. It’s one thing if it’s a local monthly tournament, but another thing altogether knowing there’s a vaster audience watching at a larger tournament. I fell victim to playing out some “fancier” moves that wound up stupidly costing me balls.

  • Go one full tournament without choosing “position”


My pinball goals are mostly related to OaaH (Operating as a Hobby; a term coined just now):

  • Achieve same or higher revenue in year 2 as in year 1.
  • Add four new machines
  • Help people in the local community organize 6+ tournaments
  • Organize an event to bring in new blood: parent&kid split flipper; how-to-play-pinball workshop; …

Personal goals:

  • Place top-3 in three tournaments
  • Take a machine from non-working in storage to a playable state in my home gameroom


2016 was a great year and 2017 started well (as tradition on New Years,a big score happens in the first game of the year). My goals are the following:

  • Fix a Delta Queen in my place, or actually get someone to help fix it.

  • Write/produce a series on pinball tutorials, strategy, and competition.

  • If I have the time off, go to 3 majors outside of Pittsburgh.

  • Qualify in A division in a major.

:heavy_check_mark: Win a notable local tournament (tricky to do in Pittsburgh).

PPL Season 28 champion, I guess I went big on that one?

:heavy_check_mark: Make the Pittsburgh Pinball League A Finals.

…and win them, too!

  • Beat every frequent Pittsburgh player in a tournament once.

  • Make the top 250 in IFPA ranking.

  • Make the Pennsylvania State Championships. Also, go to Vegas.

  • Don’t fudge away a Classics ticket at PAPA over a scissor drain. :sweat:

  • Qualify for C division finals at PAPA
  • Reassemble my Farfalla, which I left unfinished 5+ years and one home ago
  • Finish top 8 at Pinball at the Zoo (PAPA circuit?)
  • Qualify for B or C division finals at Pinburgh (depending on how day 1 goes)
  • Win B division of Chicago Pinball League (tough, considering the roster)
  • Score 1 billion on The Walking Dead
  • Find a nice BSD
  • Stop being a baby about the queue at Expo and compete


why not just win it?


It was a fluke that I finished top 4 last year. Near-ideal game lineup, didn’t have to play vs. Trent, almost every bounce went my way, avoided Mustang 'til the finals, etc. Winning would be great, but not really a reasonable goal for me.


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::hi fives to this thread::

In the interest of keeping myself accountable:

  • Launch the Philly Pinball League
  • Personally grow the number of games on location
  • Organize at least 2 more tournaments in the city
  • Make some new friends in the scene
  • Find a good deal on a solid state
  • Make B finals at Pinburgh
  • Win literally any tournament
  • Level up my nudging skills
  • Train myself to relax more while playing



The big one - get into top 1000 :white_check_mark:
Make provincials :white_check_mark:
Beat Flitton in a tournament :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Beat Becker in a tournament :white_check_mark: (now 1-57)
Grow Bluffs Pinball into a mostly sustainable operation :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:
Raise $5000 with #pinballforchange to build a classroom in Rural Ecuador✅
Improve pinburgh showing :negative_squared_cross_mark::negative_squared_cross_mark::negative_squared_cross_mark:


Keep growing Bluffs
Improve Pinburgh showing
Beat Flitton in a tournament
Be more consistent, less red hot or ice cold
Play and learn more games
Get #pinballforchange to $10000 so the classroom can be built this summer.
Beat Zeus in the overall Bluffs standings

2016 was a great pinball year for me, hoping for even more in 2017!


Played a little bit a few years back then took some time off for the baby. Now my daughter is a little bigger and fortunately mom is very understanding. So hoping to get out to a lot of tournaments this year. The Mrs. even proposed the idea that we take mini trips to incorporate pinball tournaments with a side of family vacation.

So the goals this year are:
-break top 1000
-get out to a bigger event and do well
-learn to calm the nerves a bit during tournaments
-get over the EM repair fears and get one or two
-get some more ugly duckling solid state projects and turn them into fun players for the basement


Would love to see you at more events Phil. Was a pleasure playing with you back in 2014 in state College. Good luck getting more into pinball!