PAPA tutorial edit schedule

Roadshow was posted a few days ago. Walking Dead should post sometime this week.

Currently in the queue are Indiana Jones wms, Full Throttle, and Jack*Bot. In what order do you want me to edit / release those three, and what games should we do next month when Bowen is in town again?

General consensus wins.


Please release the Full Throttle one before New England Pinball League finals on 11/14. Finals are at Pinball Wizard Arcade in NH, and they have one there. This will help any of us who won’t get a chance to play it before.

How about a Dr. Who tutorial?
Or something old school solid state maybe.

I’d like to see Full Throttle first since there isn’t much footage of it.

Some ideas for next tutorials:

Demolition Man
Johnny Mnemonic
Starship Troopers
America’s Most Haunted
AC/DC or Star Trek Re-tutorial (I know, kinda silly, but those games have changed a lot since original)


I second the Full Throttle next movement.

I’d like to see a Wizard of Oz tutorial, especially about stacking and whatnot.
America’s Most Haunted if Bowen knows enough to give a tutorial…
I’d also like to see Centaur, since it’s a beast.
Johnny Mnemonic with and without the spinner exploit
A zipper-flipper game.


Some asks: (from my “oh god, I have no idea how to play this” list from pinburgh)

  • World Poker Tour
  • Flintstones
  • Judge Dread
  • World Cup Soccer
  • X-Men
  • Johnny Mnemonic
  • Wizard of Oz

And just about any SS, Gotlieb DMD, or Sega/Data East :smile:


Yes, WPT.

Blah blah blah

Full Throttle is a waste until the game is unlikely to have further code updates. Do WPT! :slight_smile:


It sounds like it’s already filmed and just needs to be edited.

There’s actually a good tutorial on WPT by raymond davidson at

Probably should give that link to the pinballvideos guy, too.


Thanks, but I had that in there already:

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Would be neat to have some sort of EM/SS free for all with maybe 5-10 games that can all be demonstrated in a few minutes a table.

(said my post had to be 10 characters)


I think you only needed two of them. :slight_smile:

I’d like to see Avengers with the Hawkeye disabled so that exploit isn’t in play, Joker Poker, Medusa, Dr. Dude, CSI, WPT, Radical, Lethal Weapon 3, Cirquis Voltaire, and Embryon

TOO LATE we already did Full Throttle and it is AWESOME :stuck_out_tongue:


This takes a gargantuan amount of time, compared to the video, because each game needs to be positioned and camera-set. It can be done, but each game has a long setup process, so games like Kings of Right Target are less likely to be filmed instead of more interesting games like High Speed or F-14.

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I think WOZ is a great candidate for a good long tutorial ala the TSPP one from a few years ago. That game can be really perplexing with all the options it presents to an uninformed player (like myself).

Johnny Mnemonic
Star Trek with current code
Godzilla (used often at PAPA)
Maybe a couple SS/EM games that we see often in the PAPA classics banks that haven’t been covered?


I love all of the SS tutorials… because 173 is awesome!

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Oh, awesome, thanks for the link.