PAPA circuit + IFPA $1?


Sweet, I don’t have to leave work!


It’s cute that you think you’ll be eligible to compete in this . . . go talk to your boss :wink:


Sweet, I don’t have to leave work!



Manufacturers Division FTW!

(I’ve gotten too many private messages complaining that KME can’t play. For those that didn’t realize I was joking, I was joking. Anyone with a registered IFPA profile will be eligible to compete in the SPC.)


was that the plan all along? Wait until Keith got into Stern and establish a format that he is ineligible for? DIABOLIC!
(too bad you didn’t let that joke ran a bit longer haha)


Very deliberate phrase…


No different than any of the other IFPA related ‘perks’ that we offer up to players.


So, is this what the papa wc will be re-branded as?


I’m afraid to take a loss trying to sell my LE circuit.


“Anyone with a registered IFPA profile will be eligible to compete in the SPC”

Most suppressed active tournament players are going to unsuppress themselves soon I think, and perhaps bite their tongue.


I find the concept of gating events in this manner to be disappointing. Perhaps there is a good reason to do this besides leverage.


Just want to additionally offer thanks to organizers for the prospect of a sponsored, high quality series of events. That is a big positive step.

Hopefully we will hear more about this soon. Right now, all we’ve got is an image and the description that KME, LFS, and anyone who isn’t an IFPA member won’t be allowed to play in a number of tournaments.


KME, LFS and anyone who isn’t an IFPA member will be able to play in any SPC event.

KME can play in the SPC Final.

LFS can play in the SPC Final.

Anyone suppressed from the IFPA rankings cannot play in the SPC Final (but you already knew this when it was explained to you at PAPA).


I feel it would be pretty standard that is you elect yourself (which is fair for whatever reason) to leave the league/ranking organization you would not be able to take part into their events. It seems actually pretty open to be able to participate in events and only not being eligible for the finals.

I am sure there are sport examples but I don’t care about sports :slight_smile:


Is this the official ifpa stance on this?


I don’t remember that conversation, but it’s not worth an argument. I don’t recall hearing anything about Stern Pro Circuit at PAPA.

I am glad that all players are eligible to compete in the tournaments.


I had no idea the PAPA WC was being re-branded. They should really let me in on those conversations.


Could someone explain the reason for the ban? I’ve been puzzled all along by this. So, Bowen decided to remove his entry from the IFPA rankings, as I understand it. Why does this result in a ban?


No argument from me. It was that really awkward conversation that you, me and Steinman had during the Circuit Final talking about the plans for next year. You thought the suppression meant you were already screwed for this first season. I told you that you had until 12/31/17 to put yourself back on and you would be fine.

Or . . . I made that entire conversation all up in my head (which my wife says I do often) :slight_smile: