PAPA circuit + IFPA $1?


Does anyone know if the PAPA circuit events have to pay the new $1 IFPA fee too?


No, they don’t have to. Only if they want WPPRs starting 1/1/18!


Thanks for the quick reply @jdelz


but in 2018 it will be $5+1 for WPPR Papa events :slight_smile:


@hisokajp yeah, I’ll worry about that if I survive THIS years event… :wink:


Who said that? I know for certain that I never did :wink:


Oh crap, did I start a thing? I didn’t mean to start a thing…


hu? I assumed:
Papa circuit event with WPPR would need to submit $5+1 per meaningful player, no?


You know what they say about assumptions … This will be answered soon enough… Just not today :slight_smile:


TADAM!!! Suspense!


For $5 a player, you can also be eligible for GUPPs (Gammagoat’s useless pinball points).


I’m just gonna leave this here . . . assume away :slight_smile:

Stern Pro Circuit...coming soon?

As soon as they don’t all become “Stern-ament” :wink:


Premium Circuit has more features, but costs $2000 more?


“A Replay Foundation, IFPA, Stern Pinball collaboration . . . details coming soon.”


Anyone else not notice the “O” at first in the logo?


Assuming I can now quit my job and play pinball full time


Freudian slip by the graphic designer :wink:


So now we can assume costs go up, the rules won’t be done until later rounds, and 15% of players will fall to injury?


A new reason for Stern to hike pinball prices. Thanks.