PAPA 21 details?


No, that smashing noise was Doug hurling a Shadow machine into the wall at PAPA HQ when you suggested that. The sound it made was “Phurba PING!” … which is what you get when you mix up the letters in PAPINBURGH.


I gotta say for me, summer PAPA >>> early spring PAPA. You can bug out to Kennywood if you get fed up qualifying when it’s in the summer. I’ve skipped the recent spring versions, but would be happy to attend a summer/fall gig.

Any chance of extending the Pinburgh event to a week-long gig that includes PAPA? (seems so simple when condensed down to one sentence… :slight_smile: ) Start with one, end with the other…

Yep, that’s the idea!


Is there going to be has there been APOPKa event on December 12 - 18 at "MISSION CONTROL in Santa Ana Ca. ?


I like it, because I like the name PAPINBURH. I also like the name PAPAINBURGH and it seems that is what it would cause me.


For me, August is the only time in the year when work prevents me from attending any pinball tournaments. If PAPAINPINBURGH happens I’d be very very sad!!


Cruel and Unusual Punishment: do a 3-way merge. Pittsburgh Pinball Open the FriSatSun before Replay, PAPA MonTueWed [Classics Mon & Tue, A-B-C-D-Womens-Seniors finals Wednesday], Pinburgh/Replay Thu-Sun as now set. Just one airfare for all three. :tired_face:


Because all of us who volunteer for all of these events will truly appreciate trying to pull that off :slight_smile:


Very few people are as crazy as ifpa and want to run a top tournament at a rando location each time.

(yes Becker, you’re a rando :wink: )




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