PAPA 21 details?

Any word on when PAPA 21 will be announced? It’s time to start clearing calendars. I know things are up in the air in terms of the venue but a save-the-date would be great.


There is currently no set date or venue.

I have to wonder if PAPA is moving back to NYC given this announcement in This Week in Pinball:

“Something big is brewing in New York City. Levi Nayman, Tim Sexton, and Paul Caras have teamed up to form Never Beef Productions and hope to restore pinball to its former glory in The Big Apple. Keep the dates May 18th-20th of next year open on your calendar, and stay tuned for an announcement today that will shake the pinball community to its core!”

Update: Looks like this is a new event, NYC Pinball Championships.

Harris Pankin FTW.

No idea since no sign of any ReplayFX/Papa communication has happened at a public level.

Any dates? Hopefully…

I think it’s pretty safe to say… When they know, you’ll know. That kind of info would spread like wildfire when available due to the massive interest.


The spreadsheet for the Stern Pro Circuit has been updated. Just sayin’

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Oh I know. Just hopeful.

The only thing I can say with 100% certainty is PAPA 21 will not be happening early in 2018 as it has the past few years. The sale of our current building and the search for a new one have made scheduling PAPA 21 impossible at this time.

We declined the SPC invite due to the fact we do not have a firm date or facility.


Where does that spreadsheet live? I didn’t see it on the PAPA site nor their Stern Circuit link.

It lives on my Google Drive :slight_smile:

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Thannks @PAPA_Doug that was what I figured was the case…it’ll be a long and cold spring without PAPA, but I’m sure it’ll heat up later in the year. Best of luck. I am heading to Pittsburgh for the weekend tonight so I’ll help you hunt around for a good location :wink:


Thanks for the update, Doug.

Wow, look at the Pinball Showdown in dead last.

Colorado = Pinball Flyover State.

Edit: California Extreme was worth less points in 2017. But so was the Lyons Spring Classic, also in Colorado.

And what of the 2017 papa circuit final?

I can think of an upstart Pinball tournament event in May in New York City that would love to host that event.

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I’d tell you…but I’d have to kill you :slight_smile:

I would rather see PAPA be played somewhere else than Pittsburgh anyway. I never go because Pinburgh is enough for me and Pittsburgh is a pain to travel too. Love to see PAPA in New York or California that way get the chance to go to another place, and would actually force me to attend.

Right, hold it with Pinmasters and keep everybody away from Louisville.

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CA!! :wink: