PAPA 21 details?


“Josh’s Basement Part II: Electric Boogaloo”? :wink:


Ban-ning, Ban-ning, Ban-ning!


After moving the collection a few miles every year for Pinburgh, it just makes my head hurt thinking of moving it to another state.


“You’re gonna need a Bigger Basement …”


Is there no possibility of holding PAPA 21 in the current facility if it hasn’t sold by a certain date?
If the issue is funding, I’d gladly contribute to a Kickstarter to make sure it happens this year.


They can’t really have everybody plan on a date in the future, because if they close a deal on the building that would then make that date impossible (resulting in the need to cancel) a bunch of peoples travel plans/airline tickets/etc would be hosed.

Unless there’s a kickstarter to buy a new facility, regardless of the sale of the current one. That’d be a hard pile of money to scrape together though.





True, it would have to be something like, if we can raise X dollars by 12/31 AND the building has not sold by then, we are taking the facility off the market for 3 months and holding PAPA 21 there.


And as the games overflow into the breakfast area, lobby, workout room, pool deck …

Jim and I still stay there some years. How many years ago did we outgrow that place? But hey, hot cinnamon Danish every day!


You only need 12 games for what “really matters” :wink:


Where was Papa held when it was in NYC?


PAPA 2-5 were at the Omni Park Central Hotel.


Funding is not the issue. A pending sale of the building is the issue. There is nothing saying it won’t happen this year. Just not this year during the same time frame.


Please don’t have it in August, please don’t have it in August, please don’t have it in August, please don’t have it in August, plea…


We did successfully pull off “IFPAPA” in 2016.

I think it’s time for “PAPINBURGH”. Thursday-Sunday Pinburgh, followed by Monday-Thur …

(My wife took my phone and smashed it against the wall before I had a chance to finish typing)


If it has to be in Pittsburgh this is an awesome idea, thou it will increase the cost of Replay FX and probably not feasible.


Does it have to be held in the US? Just asking…


It’ll be right after Pinburgh*, but everyone has to haul 1 game to the new location. :wink:

* Not actually true AFAIK, I know nothing


It’s the PAPA world championships. So yes, it must be in the US :slight_smile: