Papa 20


You can’t be limited by qualifying portion unless you don’t meet the requirements of a valid finals portion (10-50% of players represented in Finals) Qualifying portion can only add to the TGP it can’t subtract from it or limit it. It even says PAPA format in here too!


I blame you! But it’s fixed now.


The main tournament design, linked in my post above and available with the pre-registration, is black. We will be announcing limited edition shirts later this week, some of which are not in black (and none of which are available with pre-order).

Sorry, guys. We leave the color choices up to the artists.


Why do they even have TGP guestimates listed for B, C, and D divisions? They are not eligible for WPPR’s, right?


Apparently dark colors make you look slimmer. I remember running into the guys from Pacific Coast Pinball at a show years ago and I asked them when they would have more white shirts back in stock. They said that most all of the shirts they sell are their black shirts in larger sizes. The implication was that the hobby is generally overweight and they probably wouldn’t be making any more white shirts.

They said it somewhat laughing. Neither guy was overweight. It was like they were saying us skinny guys are screwed when it come to pin shirts. I couldn’t argue with them.


We don’t have that problem in Pittsburgh. It’s partly cloudy all year. :slight_smile:


But black also radiates the heat away quicker. The actual difference to the person wearing a black or white T-Shirt has been shown to be negligible.

Other points for black include:

Won’t turn pink when you put it in the wash with a red item of clothing by mistake

Doesn’t show the grime picked up from cleaning/repairing a machine meaning that you can wear the same shirt all weekend and just keep spraying it with deodorant (if the rest of us are lucky) in the forlorn attempt to mask the BO.


Right. But a white item of clothing will turn grey if you put it in the wash with a black item by mistake :wink:


Call for PAPA 20 volunteers is up:


Yo, anyone need a roomate for Tuesday night? My travel buddy (@hisokajp) won’t be in until Wednesday which leaves me without a room for a night. Much appreciated!