Papa 20


Where would you draw the line for a “low ranked” player when comparing this? I know alot of swedish players that are low rank simply cause they do not travel to compete at all. When they do take part they do have a big impact though. Linus Jorenbo winning swedish championship last month as an example (think with his whoppers from that he i still not top 200 in the world).


At the BOP there were 24 machines, 2 gatekeepers and 4 scorers.
Queuing was minimal. Helped by the fact that each player had a designated time slot to play their qualification games, followed by an additional slot for everyone to play their jokers.
IIRC the LPC had 16 games, 1 gatekeeper and 3/4 scorers .


Somewhere in triple digits; I didn’t have a set number. I know there are good players who may be under-ranked due to not traveling, but that’s true in the US, too (I can think of many; visualize where Escher would be ranked if he traveled like Trent). Without knowing which continent has more such players, we can’t say what the impact is.

Part of the point of any ranking system is that to be highly ranked, you have to go out and prove yourself against quality competition on a regular basis at varying locales. Golf, tennis, etc. won’t rank you in the top ten just because you make the semifinals at the US Open every year. Can you beat different people on different courts / courses under different conditions? And are you willing to go out and do so? To be highly world-ranked, a player should get out to see at least a decent share of it.

I suspect that NES is still one of the 10 best pinballers on the planet, but he chooses not to play tournaments these days, so I don’t have a problem with his not being ranked there. [Neil, we miss you!]

From a statistical perspective, one-and-done leaves for more room for good players to have a bad run and moderate players to have a good run. More qualifying games gives the law of large numbers time to operate and have the cream rise to the top. But this also partially assumes the same number of tries for all players, which Herb doesn’t do - - the midlist players often put in more entries than the top 25 types. That’s why I think the “N total tries across Y games” model, where N is at least 5 times Y, is the most likely to properly rank the qualifiers. I choose the option to play different machines a different number of times, rather than a fixed Z games per machine, since not all players can be familiar with every game; this allows them to play the ones they rarely practice on more to compensate.

No model is best for all purposes: one-and-done handles large crowds and limited time better; Herb builds prize pools better; X-Y ranks qualifiers better. It’s all up to the event’s constraints and the TDs’ goals.


Pre-registration for PAPA 20 is available at ! $100 gets you a sweet Attack t-shirt designed by Sean McCauley (this design right here!), entry for all 5 days, and 3 entries in to the main tournament (divisions A, B, C or D). PAPA 20 is April 6 - 9, 2017, at PAPA HQ in Carnegie, PA.


Are the nice Pittsburgh club folks not hosting a pre tournament this year? There is nothing in the calendar. Of course papa also isn’t on the IFPA calendar yet either.


Something wrong with Pre-Reg or is this just me?


interested as well - want to keep this title in Switzerland.
the only one I saw is the Kickback Weekly on Wednesday (day of Circuit Finals).


Quick question on the shirts - color(s)?


hope there are color options - i personally like bright colors but it looks like this is just in black right now?


Yeah, dark t-shirts only make sense for people who don’t go outdoors. You wear a t-shirt because the air is warm and you want to stay cool. If you’re outside with a dark shirt on, it’ll soak up light and get warm or even hot, defeating the whole purpose of wearing a tee in the first place.


I can get a poll started for format and have a Tuesday event, assuming I can still submit it to @pinwizj for IFPA this weekend.

Kickback is going to host the Wednesday tournament most likely since they’re already a weekly event and are located just north of the city.


[Checks calendar for 30 days from now . . . anything before April 7th is a no-go]


Classics I - Now without WPPRs! :wink:


Yeah, POST-PAPA it is!


(remember that we’re usually pretty good at turning around approvals in 15 seconds or less . . . SOMETIMES it might actually take a day or two) :wink:


Haha I figured it was in limbo.


At the IFPA we guarantee your submission will be approved in less than 15 seconds or your money back!


Shouldn’t Unlimited Qualifying be Yes?
And shouldn’t TGP be higher than 16 and be full 100% value? 2x multiplier for 4-player games, with 2/3 chance of playing twelve 4-player finals game (1/3 playing only nine), plus 4 qualifying games, plus 8 hours unlimited qualifying certainly exceeds 25.


@Shep :slight_smile:

It looks like we’re incorrectly flagging it on the back end.

We only ask about Unlimited Qualifying on the submission, but on the back end there’s two fields related to qualifying:

Qualifying --> YES
Unlimited Qualifying --> NO

If I had to guess, the submission form is being linked to the “QUALIFYING” listing, and nothing is being linked to the “UNLIMITED QUALIFYING” listing, so every tournament is most likely coming up with “no” for Unlimited.

As far as TGP goes . . . sounds like the TD’s need to take the “Intro to WPPR value” course at their nearest WPPRversity :slight_smile:


Is the relatively small amount of qualifying time the limiting factor here?