PAPA 20 games


I’ll be working, not playing :relieved:


I always love that statement of “easier” . . . isn’t that relative?

With this lineup is it “easier” or “harder” for KME to win?

With this lineup is it “easier” or “harder” for someone who has never won a major to win their first major?


Easier :grinning:

Well, it will certainly be easier for the worlds greatest classics player to qualify A. You’re up for the best six games in the bank, right.


Are “classics players” not just regular ol’ pinball players?


So you’re saying it’s now “harder” for the worlds greatest modern players to qualify in A?

Sounds “harder” for many players . . . not “easier” if you ask me :wink:


To be honest in my case? Easier.

Barracora, Fathom, HRC, Future Spa, and GB are 5 games I am attuned to quite well. I can see myself putting 5 solid games on those, which could put a pretty good qualifying score together. Add some good play combined with lucky meme-ing on Sunday, I could put up a decent case even as someone who isn’t in the Circuit mix yet.

The worst part is B is getting better and better as its getting announced, so I want to play it while I still can…but I also want to dream!


You’re the only person I know who actually legitimately liked WWE, so I can’t trust your opinion on anything.




Yep. I like WWE. Always will be a sucker for multiballs with/on multiple playfields, and Tag Team All Day fills that void nicely. :smile:

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the game picks and long hours spent juggling the “games I really, really like” vs. “Games I also like but also appropriate competition” question!


When Ghostbusters bugs out and a mode won’t end, if the Spook Central mode stack happens, or it ejects balls during a video mode, is that going to be a major or minor malfunction? I’m not trying to be cynical, but I can’t see how that game goes the distance without at least one nasty bug showing its face.


Which Cosmos is that for the D division?


Iron man in A.


Welp, I guess its time to reveal the do or die exploit.


DOD + Jericho while never triggering valid playfield . . . GO!


That’s a thing? Of course that’s a thing.


Software bugs are catastrophic and the game is scratched. If a bug cant be fixed with less than 50% qualifying time completed i assume it will be replaced and entries on it refunded.


Uninstall manual plunger assembly, problem solved just like ReplayFX Soprano’s and Ripley’s.


Just a thought (essay?) about “easier”.

One way to look at games of skill with random elements is how lucky does one have to be to win.

First, let’s talk about skill using golf as an example. The best golfers, even Tiger at the top of his game, have to play better than their average score to win a major.

I saw the numbers a few years back, and I think Tiger needed to shave 1 or 2 strokes of his game to win a major on average. At that time Tiger had the lowest average of all the players, so the next guy, let’s say Phil, had to shave 3 strokes off to win on average.

In pinball on a game where each successful shot returns to a flipper even the best player will miss eventually. But the person who is more accurate will win more often. Let’s call that person KME. So that’s the skill side.

The more random a machine is the more luck plays a factor. So a game that is 100% random gives me the best chance of beating KME since any amount of skill will help him relative to me.

To bring this around to “easier”. The luck factor now removes some amount of skill from the game. This means that it is easier to win for any player below the top player. The further down the skill curve you are the more the luck helps you out since it is potentially negating a bigger skill gap. Thus games with more luck favor those with less skill and therefore a tournament with more random machines is easier for everyone except the top player. In fact, the lower you are in skill relative to the rest of the field the more you are helped.

I’m willing to play dollar games of coin flipping with anyone ranked in the top 50.


How was this implemented @PAPA_Doug? Flipper ball launch enabled?


If you thought WD? at pinburgh was bad you aint seen nuffin’ :slight_smile: