PAPA 20 games


Oh god I really hope this is like some way to fake the game out into always having Do Or Die permantly going and you can just rip 35 mil’s over and over


Where’s my popcorn? Or should I get my pillow instead?


Yes. Just pull off the plunger and enable flipper ball launch. Cheese-o-meter goes back to normal levels.


If the thing had anything to do with validating the playfield, then yes, an auto plunger would fix the issue for sure, lol…


Why does it seem like some people know the “thing” and others don’t? What is the “thing”? If Iron Man shouldn’t be used in competition, this is a good time to find out whether there is a way to fix it through hardware or software…


Did you reveal the exploit to Doug and the PAPA crew?


With $10,000 on the line I’m gonna go with “why would you ever show your hand before you have to?” :slight_smile:


This reminds me of the term “level playing field.”


Pinball Dictionary term --> NUKE’D - to hit on a game exploit that’s so big it destroys the soul of your opponent. Mic drop. Game over.

The OG Funky Fresh getting 24’d at RMPS

The KME Circuit final against Zach on GOT comes to mind.

TTA cashing in on a huge AC/DC song jackpot against me during album multiball before anyone understood what that rule was all about.


[quote=“pinwizj, post:131, topic:2418, full:true”]
Pinball Dictionary term --> NUKE’D - to hit on a game exploit that’s so big it destroys the soul of your opponent.[/quote]

I’m all in for learning this new advancement in pinball exploit technology. Hopefully we get to see it or I can learn about it during/before PAPA! @cayle is pretty good at building the hype around this one, although the steel chair to the back of the head that nobody saw coming from Circuit Finals last year was amazing to see.

Also synonymous with…


Iron Man, now with 2 flipper hop pebbles, no plunger, and all magnets and Jagov only throw SDTM.


I guess I misunderstood his original post - I thought he was going to reveal it here, but I see what he is saying now. Reveal away :smiley:


It’s hard for me to imagine it’s anything other than a stupid mistake like “tilting after DoD keeps 2x active” or something like that. But IIRC there’s another mistake that the 2nd Iron Man wipes out the DoD 2x when it’s done anyway? Not like I’ll be playing this game, so exploit away.


I discovered a DOD exploit accidentally. It’s very difficult to pull off and not worth much, but I’ll mention it anyway.

  1. Qualify DOD.
  2. Rattle a shot up to the spinner that triggers the switch, but doesn’t go all the way around to the saucer
  3. Shoot spinner while DOD intro is still running
  4. Collect about 35,001,500 points


Everyone relax. Cayle doesn’t really have an exploit. The only real exploit on IM will be watching Daniele Acciari hit 56 ramp combos in a row!:thumbsup:


I nominate the Kickback Iron Man for A bank. The Monger magnet is a raised bump so any clean shots to the left ramp airball out.

Where are your Bogey combos now? :smiling_imp:


I’ve heard about this sort of thing, but I never expected to see it here on tilt forums.




C division finals last year, B division qualifying this year. I swear @PAPA_Doug is making this game follow me.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict GOT LE in the A bank.