PAPA 20 games


I hate to say it but that would actually be a fun unlimited qualifying game


Time to source one for NWPC?


I’m not saying yes but I’m not saying no. :slight_smile:


But NWPC is using the “EX-PAPA” qualifying format this year :wink:


Is there a way to stop people from killing kenny all day?





If you kill Kenny you tilt immediately, you bastard!


“Those darn’d A players complainin’ about our format change, we’ll show them! Bring out Big Flipper!”



As someone who rolled the PAPA Big Flipper and split between A “Classics” and B, I’d definitely join A if that gets involved.


PAPAtv has nothing to do with anything we’ve done recently. A broadcast should not impact decisions made for the tournament. That said, I’d love to hear @timballs suggestions. PM me!


I don’t think anyone wants PAPA to fail, least of all the PAPA staff. However if you’ve done things pretty much the same way for 12 years and that hasn’t proven to be a viable strategy, maybe it is time to change it up.


I agree with Gravitar, so +1 for proving your point that B players prefer A that way. :upside_down_face:


I think PAPA, especially A, should have all eras represented to some extent. This is the World Championship, so you should be good at everything. Since players don’t have to play all of the games in qualifying, those who want to play like it’s mostly a Sternament or {Stern + 90’s B&W} are free to do so. There are some EMs and SSs that I would omit from A or B in particular, but Doug’s pretty good at picking suitable older games in general. As long as the games are quality ones, keep the spread. If people want to b*tch about particular titles, fine, that makes more sense that worrying about vintage mix.


I can see the intention PAPA (maybe?) has - the more EM/SS, the more (older?) players see their chances to compete in A.

In the past years, the A division was always the division with the lowest numbers of new Stern titles - but from my point of view it should be the other way. It’s 2017 now and younger players should have a better chance to qualify in A and it’s less if most of the machines are older than yourself (not me anymore, but as the younger ones).
My preferred mix would look like:
1 EM
2-3 SS
1-2 DMD Data East/Sega
2-3 DMD Bly/WMS
4-6 New Sterns


I agree that having more Sterns in the mix than average might be a good idea due to access issues - - people might not be able to find EMs to practice on outside of traveling to shows.

One other option is to do something like Texas is: count your best X games, but at least Y of them must be on machines from different eras. e.g. they are doing 4EM, 4SS, 4 modern, best 8 total, but you have to have at least two in each age group. I’d definitely support something like that for PAPA. If they did the 5 groups you use above, you could require 1-1-1-1-2, i.e. two Sterns and one from each other era. Or arrange them in 3 age ranges and you need to do 2 of each, e.g. lump EM/SS into one group, the DMDs into one, with Sterns group 3.


I think the main reason more Stern’s weren’t seen much in A in earlier years is because Stern wasn’t building many games worthy of competition. Lots of games with long ball times and some, like IJ4, that just weren’t fun to play. Stern also wasn’t building as many games per year back then and they all only came in one flavor. No premiums or LE’s.

Stern has come back strong lately, but the Papa folks clearly are trying lots of new things this year. GB should be awesome in qualifying. Stay Puft or go home. Can’t wait to see that.


Papa 19 Division A had 8/10 Dmd games

Papa 18 Division A had 8/10 Dmd games

Papa 17 Division A had 7/10 Dmd Games

Papa 16 Division A had 8/10 Dmd games

The remaining games each year were solid state. Sounds like everyone requesting modern games have pretty much had their way in the recent past. I think switching it up a little may incentivize others to try their hand in A this year since it won’t be all DMD’s.

Top players are going to be there in the end because of their skill, right? Why should it be easier to give them the same thing year after year?


I’m not sure winning thousands of dollars and an awesome trophy should be “easier.” But that’s just my opinion.


Come on Fred… You just know that a classics heavy lineup gives you a better chance to qualify! :wink: