PAPA 19 Games Revealed

All games listed below are subject to change.

Division A

Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Indiana Jones (Williams)
Dirty Harry
Game Of Thrones
Eight Ball Deluxe
Cirqus Voltaire
Party Zone

Division B

Attack From Mars
Terminator 3
Simpsons Pinball Party
Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Flash Gordon
Demolition Man

Division C

Iron Man
Phantom of Opera
Mousin’ Around
Indianapolis 500
Twilight Zone
No Fear
Full Throttle
Time Fantasy

Division D, Split Flipper, Juniors, Seniors, Womens

Target Alpha
Al’s Garage Band
Derby Day
Car Hop

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Love the A bank except PZ, that choice just seems way out of left field, like Orbitor1 was. (So fake hopefully? )

PZ brings new meaning to “chop wood”

Has something been done to it to make it not a two shot game?

Yea I can ignore it but it just seems like such an odd ball choice

Party Zone just beat the living crap out of everyone at the Louisville Arcade Expo. Lightning flippers, I think?


Yes, I told Mark that PZ needed some kind of tweak to prevent left-ramp-all-day. I described to him what Jim did for INDISC, but that took Jim a while, and Mark had limited time to make a modification. He chose to go to lightning flippers. As the qualifying scores show, it did the job. Lyman was high with 195M.

If the Avengers is set up like it was in Louisville, it will have lonnnng game times. I suspect Doug and Mark may tweak that one, too.

I’m led to believe it wasn’t on tournament mode because big bang was allowed to grow (instead of the flat 20M), is that correct?

I assume it’ll be 20M at PAPA.

Great lineup for me, I see 7 games that I’d want to play in open play anyway, so it’ll be fun!

Pile of boat anchors. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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shrugs Lightning flippers may brutalize it but that doesn’t make it fun to play.

It still boils down to just the scoop and left ramp. Even Avengers I can get behind which is also like watching paint dry to play, but at least it has more going on than PZ

Just seems really odd ball is all I’m sayin

The PZ INDISC way is still pretty good, we have had that done to one of our down here wit ha diverter that drop the ball in the POP the same way. With setting in tourney mode and jackpot starting at 1M the left ramp and MB is definitely not as interesting.

Fixed that for ya.

What version of GOT will it be? Pro?

I think PAPA has a Pro.

thanks, how is your Dutch? :wink:

PAPA has a Pro and I believe a Premium, but playtesting on the latter showed that the battering ram was too hard to hit. Therefore, Pro got used at Louisville. Maybe the Premium will be fixed for PAPA 19?

PAPA currently does not have a Premium. Currently we are planning on using the Pro version.

Thanks Doug! I thought I heard something during the Louisville stream, I wasn’t sure.

Cryss Stephens turned the scoop/ramp strategy upside down in the final game of LAX.


He reduced the number of shots to learn by half :wink:


Are the Classics 1 games revealed? Can’t seem to find a link.