PAPA 19 games have become un-dialed; plus: PAPA 20 games discussion



In fact, it took me a while to realize cayle and keefer are talking about the swirly thingy at the top cause I’ve plunged up there like 5 times in my life (on Jackbot, quite a few more reasons to do it on Pinbot).


Done. Lemme know if you have any suggestions for improvement.


In general i thought the games played well. There were isolated games i would question. Genie seemed weak. Faces the upper flipper is always a disappointment. More disappointing was the fatigue on games like Barracora. By the time classics qualifying was done each day Barracora over in A seemed shot for the night. I heard it played great first thing. But that is the nature of running a system 7 for 8 hours non-stop.


Any super bands this year?

Are there top players that like superbands? They take

  1. the feel and
  2. ability to perform tricks out of the game, and then
  3. make it ridiculously easy to catch and trap.

I can understand why they are used on games in general because they last longer and are easy to clean and I think that is a god idea when you have 400 games. But do they belong in A and even B division world champs? For me it’s like playing the US Open tennis on asphalt.


I’m not fond of the feel of super bands. If someone doesn’t want to use ordinary rubber bands, the Titan thin ones are very close in feel. Better than super bands, IMO.


Always use (a) rubber.


The PAPA 20 A div games mostly played very well. The difficulty of the games was about what I expected, this being my first year to compete in A. All except for that nasty ass RBION. If you want to remove the plunger, at least make it so the auto-plunge doesn’t go half-way up and come right back down towards the outlane. I’m sure I was not alone in having this happen: Plunge, right outlane, get ball back. Plunge again, right outlane, get ball back again, Plunge 3rd time, right outlane, ball over…:-1:


Turning on a 1 second ball saver takes the edge off of this as well


Interestingly enough, I found that launch to be more manageable than the ball going all the way around to the top lanes and coming out the left side from the pops.


If the game is behaving as described, it sounds like it just makes the game 3 seconds longer :wink: