PAPA 19 games have become un-dialed; plus: PAPA 20 games discussion


Now this is thinking like a space captain. Divert power from the main shields! Turn off all bathroom lights!


Gotta give credit where it’s due. The games played stellar this year! They were all extremely difficult but I never felt like a game was effing me over.


Overall mechanical quality was an improvement this year. Woot!


What those guys said! Felt like a nice return to form…not that last year was bad, but the games were pretty darn crisp this time!


Does anyone know what factored into the decision to remove SST, GB, and HRC?


the ramp broke on HRC - don’t know about the rest…


Ghostbusters was removed because of the potential for invalid-playfield shenanigans. My guess is Starship Troopers wasn’t bulletproofed to be trustworthy across 4 days of PAPA play/abuse, but I don’t know for sure.


apparently it often has magnet issue and fuse blowing in constant use?


GB scores in C qualifying weren’t too outlandish. Not that I particularly cared to see that game in A qualifying, I bet the game caused plenty of frustration in C though


I asked @PAPA_Doug - he said it was due to the orbit lock super skill shot exploit, which leaves orbits permanently on for the rest of the ball (making it insanely easy to get orbit multiball).


Makes sense. I thought they might do some hack to prevent players from ever achieving Orbit Multiball, but I guess that’s not possible.


Is that an exploit? I always thought it was just an insanely important super skill shot.


If it makes the rest of the game not worth playing, I’d say it counts as an exploit.


Meh. I suppose. Pin/Jackbot super skill shots are probably more important, and I don’t think most would consider those an exploit.


Guess I shouldn’t have posted that in the guide thread :slight_smile: and yes, it’s the only shot to go for if you can make that skillshot… easy multiball.


In what universe are you killing JackBot with a super skill shot? Heck, even PinBot?

There are VERY few opportunities where the skill shot is worth anything on Jack*Bot… Start of multiball with a high jackbot value, early on in Mega-Visor (value caps at 300M here)…?


Not to mention that Jackbot caps the max skillshot multiplier and the base value. iirc its 5x 50M which is a shit tradeoff for plunging the pops of doom ™.


Yeah, for that skill shot, it’s too bad the software doesn’t ONLY award the Orbit lock progress and NOT award the perma-lit orbits for additional lock progress.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but I figured @MikeCP was referring to the strategy of soft-plunging to avoid valid playfield, followed by a no drain risk shot to open visor. Repeat for locks.


Maybe this thread title is due for an edit? Since we’re fresh off PAPA20 I think it comes off as inaccurate since the games were solid this year.