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If we are using one deck for a tournament, is there a recommended number of players to cap the tournament at?


I’d suggest a 20 player cap for a single deck tournament.


And more decks is better! You’ll lose some cards over time from people forgetting to give them back or dropping them in dog poop outside the venue etc. so if that’s one of the singular cards that sucks to lose one of them. I almost always use two decks for any group smaller than 36 :slight_smile:


Bat City pinball ran our first Critical HIt tournament on Feb 19, 2018.
Our venue was Pinballz Arcade original. We had 60+ tables available for tournament play (just under 100 in the venue) after I removed broken/long-playing tables.
We capped the time for beginning a new round at three hours. Started at 7pm, last round (6) started at 9:58 pm. We had two Matchplay Critical Hit decks. I pulled Modica Plague, Insanity, and Bootstrap because I thought they would cause excessive time issues. I was simply wrong about Modica, Insanity could have been left in and only caused minimal delay. Bootstrap I’d probably pull next time too.
We had 22 players. A good mix of skill levels from #31 @Snailman to over 10,000, including two new players. We gave everyone one card before the tournament and last place on every game in a round got an additional card so added six cards per round.
We felt we could have given additional cards and had even more fun. Maybe last two get a card instead of only last place.
Feedback was positive. We covered the scores with sticky notes, which is not optimal. I’ll bring some foamcore for next time.
I was not very diligent about announcing phase changes from global to local but it didn’t cause a problem. We wanted to maximize the number of games played so as soon as the last game of a round finished I started the next round without gathering everyone together. As a game finished the last place player would come get their new card.

How would you cover the scores on Lexy Lightspeed? Tape something on the glass just above the flippers, similar to The Who’s Tommy when the blinders are deployed?

We used Swiss pairing and four player groups. Would 2 player groups shorten the rounds enough to play twelve rounds instead of six? I’ve never tried. It doesn’t seem like it would shorten them that much since you would still have the top players facing each other. Maybe Balanced pairing is a better option when you’re trying to maximize the number of games played in X amount of time.


That is awfully specific…


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Did this end up happening?


The first part happened, the second part did not. You can swap players out by clicking the cog and then selecting “modify players”