Official Critical Hit Thread


We’ve actually got two full Match Play decks - the guy that helps me run stuff at the arcade also bought one “just in case”


Sorry if I missed it while skimming the thread, but what’s the difference between the match play decks and the 3 strikes deck?


some of the 3-strikes cards are strikes specific and vice-versa. I’d say like 75% overlap (mostly the lower #d cards)


@pinwizj if we had our selfie league offer bounties for high scores on machines during the qualifying month and then during the playoff portion used those cards would that be allowable as far as WPPRs etc? Considering this for Season 20 of the SF Selfie League to make the playoffs have a twist and mix things up a bit…


As long as it is cards out of a deck that’s “IFPA approved”, that’s fine. I think everything Critical Hit is for now, but Karl plans on introducing some crazy cards that we won’t sanction for WPPR’s.

Sounds like a fun twist to try and breathe some life into the now officially brain dead selfie league concept :slight_smile:


cool thanks, yes these will be “officially IFPA sanctioned” cards :slight_smile:


I will be running a Critical Hit Match Play tournament in a few weeks, and am looking through the cards to be prepared. A couple of questions:

  1. Some cards specify that they affect a player in your group, but e.g. Desistance simply says “opponent”. Can Desistance be played globally?

  2. Are “at end of game” (e.g. Heal Self) and “after your game completes” (Bootstrap Equivalent) equivalent?

  1. No, it is only intended for your group.

  2. Yes


In the last round. 3/4 of the tables are under Darkness, everyone’s loving the format, and we’ll be doing it again


Question: How would a player go about to cast Shatter in response to Desistance being cast on her? Declare that she casts it and keep playing? (…and then be DQed if she cannot produce the actual card afterwards, of course.)


I told players they had to present the card immediately so trap up, find the card and play it. If they continued to play without pulling the card out they would be DQ’d.


So, I held my first Critical Hit tournament yesterday, using the Match Play variant.

In the weeks leading up to the tournament, I posted regularly in our Facebook group, presenting one card in each post. The posts contained a picture of the card, the text, and some sort of comment: tips on situations where it could be useful, a discussion on relevant card interactions, or humorous hypothetical stories involving the card and named members of the community. The posts were often commented on with good questions.

There were 27 contestants, and we played 5 qualifying rounds followed by semifinals and finals. The tournament went really well, especially considering it was our first try. I have to give a lot of credit to the cards, which were easily understandable for the players, so I seldom had to be called over to explain or make decisions.

I ran the tournament using a hastily prepared Google spreadsheet and For next year (the players seemed to both expect and hope for this to be a yearly thing from now on) I will improve on this a bit, since it was a bit too easy to make manual mistakes and mess things up. Still, it worked well enough that nobody complained or were left waiting around too much. I even managed to participate in the tournament without it being stressful.

In sum, it was great fun. I had multiple people come up to me and say they had been a bit skeptical and expected the card stuff to be complicated and distracting from the fun of pinball, but they had a blast almost right away.

Some random details: Everyone started with two cards. You got an extra card if you finished 1st or 2nd in your group. You also got a card if you completed a pingolf-ish objective posted on each game. A card was also given to the person finishing last in one random group each round. (A bag of Maoam Pinballs candy was awarded to a random 3rd place finisher each round, to surprising merryment and applause.)

Thanks, @kdeangelo :slight_smile:


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Something to note if you are using EMs in a Critical Hit tournament many cards are hard to use.

One player EMs make certain cards hard to use like Trollololo - (shaking the game to give warnings or to tilt out - especially a tilt-ends-game single player), Bomba (cast prior to player 1, ball 2), Fortune (after ball 1, switch players…), Mega Fortune (after ball 2…)

Plan ahead of time on how some of these can or can’t be played as they make certain cards more powerful (trollolo for example to tilt someone out on ball 1 and they only get one compensation ball on a tilt-ends-game machines is a much more powerful card than on a modern game)…


Question to Karl - - should the compensation on a tilt ends game be more than just one ball? Seems like it should be.


As the card is written now, no. I’ll have to revise it at some point.


the nice thing of how it is is that it makes certain cards more powerful than you might think for a modern game, but it might also make some too powerful feeling. The most important learning is to explain how these cards will play out if you have a tournament with EMs and/or other one-player type games. Lots of interesting edge cases with CH + EMs


I was there for this and I must say the ruling on the card played seemed unfair and not in the spirit of the card. I would suggest that the Trollolo card only be allowed on games with tilt warnings. Definitely should not be allowed on ball one of a five ball game where tilt ends game.


I agree wholeheartedly but I’ve held hard on being consistent with what is written on the cards. Whenever I run another batch of cards I’ll update this one with tilt-ends-game verbiage and send it out to anyone that wants an updated version.