NW Pinball Championships 2017 (new format! README FOR LOCATION UPDATE)


new quiz tonight:


There is some discrepancy about number of games on a card and cost of card between the face book page and the pdf here: http://www.nwpinballchamps.com/rules/nwpc_rules.pdf

Can you clarify?


good catch sir, the FB event was created a while back. PDF and http://www.nwpinballchamps.com/rules.html should prevail.


So classics is normal herb, not papa style?


It also says 11pm = 24:00 so not sure if qualifying ends at midnight or 11 :slight_smile:


I go home at 11 but you close at midnight… no? updated to midnight everywhere :slight_smile:

Correct, we have both format running similar to VFO but reversed :slight_smile:


Current line up for NWPC (announced):
Main Open Bank (5/7):
-Johnny Mnemonic (Williams DMD)
-Terminator 2 (Williams DMD)
-Tron (Pro Stern DMD)
-Whirlwind (Williams System11)
-Indiana Jones (Williams DMD)
-The Walking Dead (Premium Stern DMD)

Classic Bank (4/5):
-2001 (Gottlieb EM)
-Black Jack (Bally SS)
-Pioneer (Gottlieb EM)
-Seawitch (Stern SS)


New early morning quiz, we are getting close to get the full line up released!


Whirlwind added to Main bank! @heyrocker kicking himself :slight_smile:


I’m so dumb! I had just gotten up and saw orange, and then I immediately remembered @KCB just got a Skateball and I was like oh that must be it. Then five minutes later I noticed it was a button and I felt like an idiot.


wheel of fortune type quiz today!

@Theguyoverthere you may want to update your line up post :slight_smile:


Updated! Seawitch added to classics and Whirlwind added to main.


we are 5/7 on main, you are missing WMS IJ :slight_smile:


Only a few quiz left to win free entries!


one before last!


All 7 modern games and all 5 classics games have been announced!

Main Open Bank (7/7):
-Johnny Mnemonic (Williams DMD)
-Terminator 2 (Williams DMD)
-Tron (Pro Stern DMD)
-Whirlwind (Williams System11)
-Indiana Jones (Williams DMD)
-The Walking Dead (Premium Stern DMD)

  • Red and Ted’s Road Show (Williams DMD)

Classic Bank (5/5):
-2001 (Gottlieb EM)
-Black Jack (Bally SS)
-Pioneer (Gottlieb EM)
-Seawitch (Stern SS)
-Meteor (Stern SS)


As well as the two main tournaments we have a wide range of side tournaments and machines for players to enjoy!

Split Flipper (and practice) Bank
ALL COIN DROPS 100% to charity
-X-Men (Stern DMD)
-Congo (Williams DMD)
-Vulcan (EM)
Split-flipper details, http://www.nwpinballchamps.com/rules.html
machine rotate every day, one is 50% to charity then rest to winners (top 3) and other 100% to winners (top 3).
-Metallica (Stern DMD)
-Lord of the Rings (Stern DMD)
HEAD 2 HEAD Challenge (and practice)
ALL COIN DROPS 100% to charity, challenge your friends using fun goals tasked based! Thanks @heyrocker !
-World Cup Soccer '94 (Williams DMD)
That put our total of machines at 18, should be a fun time for all!


Thank you everyone that came to join our events, as well as all the people and partners supporting it!

We appreciate everyone bearing with the last minute change of location. An unfortunate set back less than 3 weeks before the event forced us to find a last minute alternative. Lynnwood Bowl and Skate received overwhelming amount of positive feedback and the management/staff were amazing on making this work! While adapting our event and format to the new space layout did provide some challenge (conflicting events on Sunday in the 2 different rooms made for challenges) the transition worked out very well.

We had 91 players in the OPEN, including 15 Women and 91 players in CLASSIC as well. This beat our previous attendance record of 90 people back in 2011 and a huge boost from the 67 players last year! Special thanks for all the people that had to travel to Seattle to attend. People from Oregon, British Columbia but also Idaho, Colorado, Ohio, Illinois and New York were represented this year!
Over 532 card entries were played in the OPEN tournament, Walking Dead and Tron both with 216 cards entered, people like their modern Stern!

We paid out over $10,500 in cash prizes this year, on top of the trophies and plaques. All of the finalists received cash prizes, 24 in OPEN, 16 in CLASSIC, 4 in WOMEN and 4 in SPLIT-FLIPPER. Top 4 prizes in OPEN was $2,300 for 1st, $1,300 for 2nd, $900 for 3rd and $600 for 4th.

Our charity run this year, which inlcudes all the coin drops from our side tournaments came to a whooping 764 quarters! Our charity of choice is our good friends in Portland POP - Pinball Outreach Project, using Microsoft charity donation matching we will donate $382 this year.

With the move to a new facility, we have noticed issues in our current format and schedule that we are looking to address for next year. We welcome any feedback and comments to make this event better every year (info@nwpinballchamp.com). We strive to do our best with our limited resource and volunteers dedicating them precious free time to others, with that said we hope everyone has fun!

Of course, this could not have happened without all our INCREDIBLE volunteers, sponsors and partners. I am worried to call people by name as there has been SO MANY people helping the core NWPC organizing team. Our incredible pinball moving team, Danger Dan and Jordan, Jeff Sawyer with his clutch tech and scorekeeping support, Michelle and the Tibbetts family for running the registration desk and much more all week, Karl for his tournament software and support during the whole weekend, ALL the scorekeeper volunteer, including last minute clutch appearance during final hours like @Raymond’s dad!
We rely on generous local collector to loan us game for our events, this could not happen without them either, thank you!
BIGGEST THANKS to Lynnwood Bowl and Skate to accommodate us this year. As our first year there was a lot of unknown but they were AMAZING in working with us to make this a SUCCESS!
And also our sponsors, which make this event possible in the first place by supporting our event and pinball at large. Our local sponsors, 8-bit Arcade / The Triple Knock and Shorty’s as our special sponsors this year as well as our key partners in NITRO PINBALL, Flip Flip, Ding Ding, Olaf’s, Grand Champion Games and The Goat on Greenwood. Special thanks to Tiltcycleycle for proving the grand raffle prize, Comet Pinball for sponsoring our event and The Pinball Arcade for providing raffle prizes. Pinball Tim, our best local EM tech provided us support and a game this year (the beautiful 2001 machine).

We will see you next year!


Key question now is which location is your first choice for next year - - Lucky Strike or Lynnwood? Or a third location perhaps between downtown and the airport so people can avoid going through the city? Either way it’s a trade-off between traffic, hotel costs and convenience for locals vs. visitors.

As for suggested changes, starting the open finals as late as that (just before 2 wasn’t it?) makes it difficult for out-of-towners to get home Sunday night. Many events have shifted Classics finals to Saturday night so that Open finals can commence at 9 or 10 Sunday morning. I’d suggest doing that.


thank you Bob, it is part of items we have discussed previously and which are on the top of the list for next year as soon as we secure a location which work between all the reason above (including event budget and date availability for our side…).

We did miss you this year!