NW Pinball Championships 2017 (new format! README FOR LOCATION UPDATE)

Hey folks! It’s that time of year again…that time of year where we make announcements about the NW Pinball Championships!

Major changes:

  • This year we are changing the Open and Novice divisions over from the traditional Best Game format to the “ex-PAPA” or “PAPA 19 and earlier” format! We did this because we like that format a lot, and miss it now that PAPA isn’t using it anymore. Classics will remain Best Game. As before, we’ll be using the Never Drains Manager tournament software for queueing and scorekeeping.
  • Ticket cost is TBD. We will crunch the numbers and attempt to figure out a cost that keeps the average per-player spend to roughly the same amount as it has been before.
  • We’re back on the PAPA Circuit! That’s right, NWPC2017 is a PAPA Circuit event!

NW Pinball Championships 2017
August 25th-27th (Qualifying Fri noon-11pm / Sat 10am-11pm, Finals Sunday)
Lynnwood Bowl and Skate
Lynnwood, WA (~20mins from downtown Seattle)
More at BDivision [Note that this page is not entirely updated yet with format details for 2017]

We take great pride in having an extremely dialed and enjoyable lineup and overall providing a world-class tournament experience. Beneficial Malfunction will be streaming the finals of the Open division as well as the last few hours of qualifying on Friday and Saturday.


Not that I’ll be there, but great call! Badass format :slight_smile:

Good luck running a smooth tourney

So exciting to see NWPC move to “old papa” format!

The tournament crew has really taken the initiative to push this event to be even more world class!

If you can make it, don’t pass it up!

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And the big question everyone is asking, will there be BRICKS OF CASH???


I think we upgraded to $5 bank note, our cash box just couldn’t handle so much bank notes :slight_smile:

Man, Jim hasn’t changed a bit O_O

But Raymond looks like he was 12…:grinning:

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well maybe he was 12 :slight_smile:

Hey Kevin,

Let me know if you’re interested in including an event down here in Eugene for your pre-tournament series!

Almost certainly will be, we just didn’t hear anything from anyone last year about it. We did one at POP so would definitely be up for going even further south this time! I’ll be in touch!

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We’re down to go again!

We will get in touch when we get closer to scheduling the pre-tourney, thanks for the support guys!

Some update here as we are getting closer:

Posters are ready to be printed out, thanks to all our sponsor, plenty of additional prizes for everyone to win!

The 2017 tee-shirts have been received as well, cool design from Matt Andrews this year!

Next we will have trophy and line up announcement.

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We are approaching Tournament - one month mark. Below is the current planned schedule for the different activities.

We have both larger Main and Classic tournament finals on Sunday leaving plenty of time on Sunday to qualify for both if people want to fly in on Friday.

We announce the line up for both banks a couple of weeks before the tournament.


We have started announcing the line up in a quiz format, come and play (ONLY IF YOU ARE ATTENDING) to win entries:

https://www.facebook.com/events/420793574930945/permalink/493703914306577/ (must be a registered FB user)

But what about @BMU Bob Matthews???

I’ll be missing NW this year; need to be home that weekend for family stuff. Thanks for thinking of me, though!

Ah okay. Then we’re probably good with just posting on Facebook! :wink:

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I can fill in for Bob on the complaining about a FB requirement front. :wink:

Then again, I’m not sure I’ll be able to use the entries I’ve already won. :-/

I tried doing both platform yesterday and it is pretty hard to keep them synched, some time real life takes priority! :slight_smile:

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new lunch time quiz for today! :slight_smile: