NW Pinball Championships 2017 (new format! README FOR LOCATION UPDATE)


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I already guessed right though so don’t even bother :wink:


yep, took 12s for Greg to take that one! :slight_smile:



We were informed late last week that Luck Strike HQ had mandated the Bellevue location to join a nationwide campaign of broadcasting a fight event on August 26th.
That event require them to close off their location and needed the full usage of the room we are usually running our event.

After a long discussion to review our options, there was no realistic way to run our event at their location this year without substantially compromising on its quality and the scope.

We have reached out to previous locations we had contact with in the past and were able to secure a new location at the “Lynnwood Bowl & Skate” venue.

The new location allow us to keep the even running on the same date and without impacting the quality of our event by relocating north of our usual spot.

We apologize for the inconvenience due to this last minute change. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding logistics or if we can help with travel arrangements.

The NWPC team.


I feel your pain … While I won’t be at NW this year, I just got similar news two days ago (play spooky music here) about my professional society’s annual meeting. Scheduled for Austin, hotel has a construction issue, can’t hold it there. We expect a few thousand people, they’re now trying to figure out what city and state they can switch to on such short notice. Argh!


Update dat website yo!

New location should be just fine!

Wish I could make it - super awesome event! :smiley:


Bummer. That sounds very frustrating. But glad you guys were able to come up with an alternative location quickly.
Suggestion: might want to rename the thread title to highlight the New Location. Or start a separate thread to highlight the location change.

I wish I could make it to this tourney, because I love the format, and from what I hear from other players and see from the stream, you guys do a great job with this event.




A few questions.

Will skating be available?

Will skateball now be in the tournament?

Can there be a side tournament with skateball on skates to be played while skating? (Tbd whether this means skateboards or quads)


yep that was suppose to happen at the same time but the Mrs was on my PC with web edit stuff :wink:



Nothing announced yep

that would be AWESOME! :smiley:


Place it on skates on top of a rocking platform. If the game falls off you lose (a foot)


Just occurred to me, didn’t Lucky Strike have some age restriction at certain hours? If that’s gone now, let folks know.


Skateball in Classics, Radical in Main, Rollergames in side high-score event? Or was radical snow?


Question about Open Division and card format.

Do all games that are entered into a card that is submitted remain for the entire tournament?
Or only the games of each players highest card?

For instance, lets say in my first card I get the high score on Game A then tank on Game B,C,D. If my next card is submitted because it is better overall, will all the scores from my first card be erased and the player in 2nd on Game A would then be bumped up to 1st?

Any link to a prior neverdrains.com managed tournament in this format would help my understanding.


If it is truly “PAPA Style” then any cards submitted remain in place unless voided before submission. For your example, after playing your first card, you would have the option to submit or void it. If you submit it, then those scores stand for the remainder of the tournament regardless of any future activity, and you will essentially be competing with yourself going forward. If you void, they never get entered and it is as if they don’t exist and never did.

So it is basically the opposite of POP Superleague (where new cards always replace old ones.)


Thanks for clarifying. Here is link for future readers.


alright hopefully this new QUIZ last a little longer! :slight_smile:



New clue: https://m.facebook.com/events/420793574930945?view=permalink&id=495228754154093


new morning quiz up!

Also below is the updated schedule: