new Remake title annouced?

I thought I heard the next remake title was going to be announced at EXPO? Did it happen? :slight_smile:

no. I think they are waiting until after all the other Expo announcements and drama has had a chance to settle.

Make sense, unless they had a prototype to play at Expo it wouldn’t be able to compete with the other new machines :slight_smile:

The unsubstantiated rumor is AFM to be announced, at Freeplay FL.

If this is true, it would make me very happy. AFM is a game I’ve always wanted to own and I might be able to actually afford a project game if some collector owners decide they want the fancy new one.

Really? The rumor I had heard was Cactus Canyon. Or was that officially announced already?

haha, AFM is the most recent leader in the rumor, I believe MB was the previous one. CC has difficulties due to unfinished software? definitely one of these 3 though :smiley:

AFM and MB at least make sense. I never understood the love for CC.


I think CC makes sense due to it being relatively scarce and not having a license holder to deal with. But I actually quite enjoy the game—moreso than most of the newer Stern games anyway. Beyond CC, AFM and MB, I’m not sure there are too many games that share a high enough value, high enough demand and low enough production numbers to justify a re-run. Of course I may be wrong… if the market can thrive given the enormous price increases that have occurred over the last 5 years, perhaps there is a market for further remakes of old Bally/Williams titles.

I have also heard CC, with expanded software.

I do think there are a few others that would sell if licenses can be worked out.

i believe someone was saying CCC would not be easily compatible with the Remake current software platform?

Sorry, wasn’t meaning to imply a direct port of what we’ve all come to know as “CCC”, but another new effort to finish the game. I believe there is also some bad blood between the CCC author and PPS…

I thought the only CC/CCC rumours came from when Mr. Pinball (Australia) was looking to remake both MM and CC. Oh, and make The Crocodile Hunter.

PS. I’m pretty sure he’s still trying to sell framed Croc Hunter translites on eBay Australia :pensive:

Doing anything but AFM next would be madness. As it seems 10 times as easy to pull off mechanically and other playfield inventory. There is virtually nothing to it. And the saucer and the Marsians are non ball interactive. And the latter is copy/3xpaste.

And it seems just as much in demand.

MB has the Drac and the Frank. Complicated to make stable. CC, even more.

I like MB best of the four. So, go ahead if you wish.

If CC was to be done, it would make sense if it was presented as - now with the completed code. Whoever and whatever that argument would be rooted on.

If it is AFM, I’d like a code option that lets you force the player to start Martian Multiball before they can repeat either Lock Multiball or Total Annihilation. Make the player take some non-return-to-the-flipper shots once in a while.


Rick came out and said CC was going to be done eventually but I have heard that AFM was spotted at Chicago gaming a while back. They are suppose to do 7-8 titles so I’d assume all the A list games are slated to be run.

That is actually an interesting point, at $8k a game (that’s the price for MMr right?) what other WMS games could they remake except MB/AFM and CC? Maybe SS but even that isn’t close to 8k?

It is a good question. How many units, in what time frame, at $8000 a pop, do they have to sell in order to bother doing it? And what titles can make this? Added to this, they can make extras of the parts to sell as spares for the original manufactured games.

Most have a fair guess of the first 4 ones. After this it must be Big Bang Bar. Some day all these 90’s must begin to look very old.

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but isn’t BBB from Capcom? Do they have those licences too?

WMS licensed BBB from Capcom with the intent to produce it on their own system. This game reached the whitewood stage with a fairly complete set of rules before it was abandoned to focus on P2K.


interesting stuff! BBB would be a fun remake :slight_smile: