new Remake title annouced?

Not many repro parts available for BBB I would guess. Compared to other WPC titles anyway.

Worth noting that PPS has the rights to build games made before WPC too. Games like Wwind, Pinbot, BK200 and Taxi. Would you buy a minty new LED Eight Ball Deluxe if the price was right?

This particular issue seems to be commonplace from what I can tell in my short time in the pinball world. I’m thankful that Spooky put up their schematics for their toys online for free so you can build another from a 3D printer if necessary. I hope more companies will start going that route. It’s better for everybody if parts are more accessible.

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Funhouse with a DMD maybe??


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Mnaaa. I doubt any ventures like this. It is just more work. Work left for mad-enthusiasts, like me, feeling like spending of lot of time on such. Wonder on the damand for the BOP2 kit. Doesn’t seem that high. Wish it was, definetly.

With the exception of Cactus Canyon. Which was obviously released far from what was intended. I could see them building this as “now finished”. And it will meet a $8000 price tag. Even as carbon copy the original.

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It barely hit me that funhouse doesn’t have a dmd. Truly before its time.