New Mousin' Around software mod


Note. The patch was updated on january 23. Please update your game, if it is not running “LA-4 CD87F”.

Admitted, this is a leash on the center ramp. But it inspired to make a treat for completing CHEESE there. The streak bonus.

And by the way. The hard pre-set is highly recommended for Mousin. The game rules for MILLION build and MOUSE TRAP advance on inlanes, on hard, makes the game shine.

On hard, the kickback will be off to start with. But with a doable center ramp, the light kickback rule is fair (and kept fair when mod modes are selected). 123 to open the ramp do carry cross balls. Once opened, light kickback is three ramp shots.

Mousin’ Around
LA-4 patch d87f
Download link:

Release note


Adjustment 33, Motor bank, has been given the two additional options.

1-2-3 targets made carry cross-balls, player individual.
If CHEESE is completed, a center ramp shot will close it.
If CHEESE is completed on a center ramp shot, it will close right away.
Locks made and multiball will not close the center ramp.
Collecting jackpot will not close the center ramp.

Same as “Cheese” option in addition to.
If CHEESE spell out was completed only on the center ramp, from when the center ramp was opened,
a “Streak bonus” of 100K for each letter collected on center ramp is given.
Like this.
”CHEESE” on center ramp = 600K Streak bonus.
”HEESE” on center ramp = 500K Streak bonus.
”EESE” on center ramp = 400K Streak bonus.
”ESE” on center ramp = 300K Streak bonus.
”SE” on center ramp = 200K Streak bonus.
Last "E” on center ramp = no Streak bonus.

The Streak option is default on hard and extra hard pre-sets.

New Streak run display on center ramp shots, when a streak run is active.
New Streak bonus display (with “Go for the hole” sound call) on collect.

For the light kickback rule (3 center ramp shots), the counter is now reset at start-of-ball.
In Cheese/Streak modes: A center ramp shot closing the ramp will always light kickback.

A bug where the Increase score lamp would keep blinking on next ball-in-play, fixed.
A bug where the Double scoring countdown display would stay active on next ball-in-play, fixed.
A bug where the MILLION and Build jackpot light show would stay active on next ball-in-play, fixed.

Why it rocks

Limiting the recurring award on the center ramp to six loops.
However, skilled execution of the strategy can still bring a sizable payoff. The Streak bonus.


Adjustment 33 has the following five options, per rev. L-4, which are kept unchanged.
Ex. easy: 3-bank stays down rest of game.
Easy: 3-bank resets at start-of-ball. 1-2-3 targets made are preserved cross-balls, player individual.
Medium: 3-bank resets at start-of-ball.
Hard: 3-bank resets on Cheezy bonus collected. 1-2-3 targets made are preserved cross-balls, player individual.
Ex. hard: 3-bank resets on Cheezy bonus collected.

And the new settings for comparison.
Cheese: 3-bank resets on Cheezy bonus collected and on center ramp made when CHEESE. 1-2-3 targets made are preserved cross-balls, player individual.
Streak: 3-bank resets on Cheezy bonus collected and on center ramp made when CHEESE. 1-2-3 targets made are preserved cross-balls, player individual.

Every center ramp made still pays 100K on its own. The Streak bonus is extra.
A maxed Streak bonus sequence is 1.4M, all told, on 9 shots.

In rev. L-4, the 3 center ramp shots to light kickback counter was shared between players.
The counter is now reset each start-of-ball, and not reset when the center ramp is closed per collection of Cheesy bonus.

The European ROM defaults to the hard pre-set. The mod, based on the US ROM, defaults to the medium pre-set. The hard pre-set is recommended.



this is so wonderful to see! Last year I had someone try and modify the MA ROM to just eliminate the 100k on the center ramp but that failed and this is waaaaaay better.
Any chance this fixes the bug where if you drain while Double Scoring is running, it continues to flash Double Scoring for all future balls?


Telling me now :confounded:


BTW. There is an inherit problem with score adjustement of the center ramp. It says 100K on the plastics. Old school.


Hey, you never told me that it failed! When I saw Soren post this this morning I looked back at our email and I never heard back… at any rate I like what he’s done better.


apologies, that was uncouth of me. Real life got in the way. Shortly after testing your ROM our basement flooded and was out of commission for 6 months. There were no issues with your ROM, but the 100k kept scoring.


ooooooo well if you can solve that bug it would certainly be appreciated too. Do you have a tip jar? :wink:
I am not very good, and also my Mousin’ Around is set very steep, and so it is fairly common to drain during double scoring. Then in subsequent balls the flashing 2X Scoring (or whatever it says) confuses players and obscures the points board.


Could you please check your ROM rev. as I believe this is a bug in an ealier release that was fixed. No incorrect display thing here.

There is a bug in the 2x ready indicator. The lamp. If you drain while blinking it will be permanently on on next ball till re-blink-lit. But it is inactive, and hence for no incorrect benefit. It will be fixed but allow some days for this.

One other thing. Working with this, I cannot fully figure out the rules for lighting 2x. Fast ramp combo, yes. But sometimes it is unavailable. Something holds it back.


Hit two ramps in a row and end on the right lock shot lane. Starts double scoring.

Rom seems interesting. We will probably keep ours setup as it is with some switches moved around. Nerfs center ramp points but works towards mousetrap letters progressively getting harder each subsequent multiball. 100k is awarded for a 3 bank target completion.


I believe there is also a bug with million lot at top hole. Something with if a player had it lit and drains its then lit for other players(but obviously doesn’t award it). Just keeps the scrolling million light show going.


Just played Mousin’ Around three times in a tournament yesterday, didn’t know how to play it my first game. Second game was 14M points from looping center ramp. Third game was 9M from the same. Glad to see this ROM address this boring strategy.



This will be addressed too.


should I wait for a further revision before getting ROMs burnt?


It won’t be long, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


IMHO the center ramp should not score any points or cheese letters (maybe something small like 10k) and only advance towards enabling the million letters (turning on the white arrows), and lighting the kickback. Then the game would be purr-fect


Highly appreciate the snappy remarks on various minor bugs that the game had.

These are now fixed and the new patch is released. Please do not you the previous one.

Mousin’ Around
LA-4 patch f51e
Download link:


Soren do you have a tip jar so that those of us that greatly appreciate your work can buy you a coffee or whatever? would love it if you signed up to or similar. At the very least I’d feel less guilty about begging for improvements. :wink:



“Streak run 100,000” is the 100K awarded right away for the center ramp. And an indication to the player, that they are in the run for a Streak bonus if they finish it off.

If the streak run is broken the game indicates “Trap lane bonus 100,000”.


A couple of further things of note.

The center ramp is not closing on CHEESE. But the first center ramp shot her after (and on Cheezy bonus as usual). This is for the sake of fair play for lighting kickback.

1-2-3 is a dual thing. First completion is for opening the ramp. Then it goes back to “1” blinking. Second completion on ramp shots light kickback.

Again to keep it a fair game. The “mod” rule of closing the ramp, will also have this shot light kickback. Regardless if the 1-2-3 was only at “1” or “2”.


Can’t tell if this is a bug or a feature:

If you have the 123 down, the left orbit doesn’t do “trap lane” anymore. Instead it just says “steak bonus”


Confirmed. Bummer. Thanks for the feedback.

I always found it awkward, that the centre ramp was printing “trap lane”. I now realise that the call is a reuse. And I bet it was a “for the time being”, that they never got around to when finishing up the game.

There will be an update for this. With “ramp loop 100,000” on centre ramp shots, generally. And “streak run 100,000” when enabled and when active.