New Mousin' Around software mod


I had to play around a bit to understand the Streak rules. To clarify:

Once you lower the center bank, if you finish CHEESE using only the center ramp, then you earn the streak bonus of up to 600k, 100k * number of letters earned on the center ramp. This is only earned when CHEESE is completed. It’s not timed. If the center ramp is open and you earn a CHEESE letter elsewhere (left ramp, right ramp, or right target), you forfeit the Streak Bonus.

The one change I would make from the Hard install is to change Ad.35 BUILD MILLION from HARD to MEDIUM. The HARD setting makes the Million arrows unlight when you hit them, and this isn’t fun when combined with the Streak/Cheese motor bank settings, IMHO. INDISC had this set to Medium too. BTW, the manual lists the options for this as “Easy, Medium, Hard, Ex. Hard”, but it’s actually “Ex. Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard”.

Thx @soren!


You are correct.

The reference for Streak run is when the bank is lowered (not the first center ramp shot).
WIth CHEESE already, the ramp may be opened. But it will close at first shot.

The train of thoughts was like this.

Lets make the center ramp looping limited.
CHEESE completion is the only realistic rule possible for this.
Ok, but center targets are dangerous, so this will knock center ramp from one extreme to the other.
Good, then lets make a treat for those who can pull if off and indeed loop the ramp.
Great, but light kickback is too mean now the ramp may close before three shots are made.
Fair point, lets give it on center ramp shot to close even at “1” or “2”.

I see the point of having MILLION on medium for - next objective after Streak bonus. So, TD’s may set this if they like to.


URL for download is now 404’ing. I saw the stream for this ROM at INDISC, super impressed.


Yes. It is pulled. See five posts back, this thread.

Minor glitch, I know, but it is fixed now and pending some testing the next three days. I have a tournament on Saturday.


The displayed info is now corrected and cleaned up. The software is tested and released.

“RAMP LOOP” - basic 100K per loop.

“STREAK RUN” - 100K per loop - and in the run for Streak bonus if CHEESE’ing out on the center ramp.

Streak run / Streak bonus mode only when selected on adjustment 33.