New Creature From The Black Lagoon custom competition ROM




Nope, they’ve never done anything.


The definitive bug fix’ed and tournament play’ed Creature mod went on test yesterday.

The left inlane feature is resurrected by the design…

The Super scoring mode offers a one time only award on the left inlane.
10M, 20M or 30M based on timing.

Inspired by the Lord of the Rings shooter lane and similar.


Cool! Was that what was originally planned for it or did you come up with that?


This is a Super scoring sub feature that was never completed (simply overlooked, I assume). Wanted to keep it as a Super scoring feature, as intended, but what to do next? No documentation of what was originally panned.

Given the 30M potential, it was decided, that it should be a one time only award. 30M is sustantial to what else is available in this everything-it-lit deal. On a repeate shot, mind you. Could render everything else useless.

The 10M/20M/30M pick could be random, semi-random (slings, pops, all switches,…), based on previous achivements, a build-up, a count-up, a hurry up - or a timing shot. All is up for choice. A timing shot felt right. And fits with the Super scoring mode.


First, I really like finally putting these inserts to use.
In terms of balancing for Super Scoring, I also like the one-time rule, because if it were multiple or build-up, Super Scoring should then be called the “Right Ramp Scoring” mode. Super Scoring also has Big Millions already being awarded on the R ramp (5, 10, 15M…).

One other option to consider: instead of it being a one-time timing shot (from a ramp return… so difficult to time it), have the one-time 10/20/30M in L inlane cycle with bowl switch hits, going 10->20->30->10, etc. So the player is provided with some incentive to shoot two different shots during Super Scoring, rather than just the L ramp all-day for Super Creature Feature, which runs during Super Scoring. SCF gives 5, 10, 15M… for each bowl switch hit. Just a thought.


:smirk: That could work too.

I really like the slow cycling thingy. It fits the playfield-all-is-open nature of the Super scoring mode.

Expert play can still nail the 30M at will (how about a bold alley-pass). A great move, that is still in no way a game breaker on its own.


Love the left inlane feature resurrection! Can’t wait until this passes testing and can be used.
We just had league night at my house over the weekend, something like this added would have been cool.