New Creature From The Black Lagoon custom competition ROM


Delighted to see this. Very delighted.

Any misbehaves, you let me know.


I think setting the snack bar and playground awards to a set order would really solidify CFTBL for tourney play. Agree millions first, then maybe intermission Ramps, then right ramp mode. I forget what all the awards are between the playground and snack bar but uniformity would be sweet.


I installed the patched version to our CFTBL yesterday and we’ve found no issues so far. Great job! :smile:

In addition to the great improvement ideas in this thread, is there any chance of adding a feature (found in many newer WPCs) making it possible to bring up the scores of the last game by pressing both flipper buttons after the game is over?

As it is this game is a b*tch to scorekeep as you have to wait a loooong time for a brief score display time window.


Thanks a lot.

I know this and Doctor Who being poor at showing scores on the attract sequence and I have thought along these line. There is more games I am sure.

It was just secondary to me. Not too many gears in the box at once.

Thanks again.


World Cup Soccer 94 is another one, but it gives you a longer look at the scores after the game at least.


that would definitely be great!


Caught the 10B thingy on the phone this morning. Tryed to repeat going by the sequence of events as I remembered it. No luck.


I seem to recall that the Doctor Who rom with the tilt bug fix also has the attract scores holding longer, or letting you double flip in attract to get back to the score pane. The forum that rom was developed on is defunct so all the development notes have been lost unfortunately. I suppose it could be reveresed out with a rom comparison to see for sure, or I could just turn on my DW and see (hmmmm… how hard to get to it?).

The score thing is a big thing for tournaments especially if they take a pic of it - some of those early WPC’s were notorious for never showing the score even sometimes during gameplay.

I already have in the works a Big game rom that shows the scores more often instead of the 777777 walking constantly - you have to wake some time sometimes to get the regular scores. 2 competing timers there.


So even though the batteries turned out to be dead in my DW (whoops! No leakage at least) it does appear that you can scroll through the DMD screens like later games let you, unless that always did that and I just never noticed, but IIRC the original software didn’t do that? Am I completely forgetting how it used to work?

This was long ago before I thought of keeping a journal of what has been changed in the roms. Now, I keep all builds and development versions since hard drive space is so cheap now, and if you 7zip them they get tiny anyway. Who would have thought that the forum they were on would have disappeared??