My War

What is that one score, wizard mode, or pinball achievement you have been chasing as long as you can remember?

Thrasher Magazine (skateboard) has an awesome video series called “My War” - It chronicles different Skateboarders and the unique tricks they have been chasing their whole career. The one location, achievement they have been hunting for over and over.

What’s Your war in pinball?

For more than a decade My War has been trying to crack 10B on my Shadow. Tilt crazy tight, (like old school Dave-Papa tight) tournament mode, no EB’s and deadly outlanes. I’ve been hunting it as long as I can remember. About 5 years ago I came up just shy at 9.6B and haven’t seen but the high 7’s since.

I’d grind it now and then, but be it a single pilot error or two, or the variability of the feeds from the upper loop combo it always bit me at some point.

Today My War is over.

Shadow rolls. No GC. No Initials.



For a while it was the Indy 500 3X 4 checkered flag collect for 900M(?). Too many variables to line up so I eventually gave up and sold the game.

The one I’ve spent the most time chasing in the last few years is a billion point shot on TWD

Personal best. The war continues


Such a cool question! Mine has been the chase for the 10 billion shot on Iron Maiden. My goal was to do it in 2MTM with 3 sets of shots and 3x scoring for a final shot worth 27x the base value. The base value is something like 15% of your mode total(including soul shards), so I would need to first get 2.5 bil across the 5 modes before I could attempt it.

About 3 years ago I had a game with a 350 Aces High, 400 Hallowed, 1.2 bil Fear, 250 Icarus, and 300 Rime. Got to 2MTM and through the 3 phases with about 20 seconds left on the timer. Started 3x and… proceeded to miss the super 3 times before draining.

Don’t think I’ll ever get that close again!


Maxing Monster Bonus out at 600k. I’ve reached the 160k level once in 38 years. Long way to go …


Currently: reaching “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” on JP with all 11 trifectas, and reaching “Monster Island Madness” on GZ.

Encore is probably the thing i tried longest to achieve and failed. It felt in my reach, but I could not play consistently enough to get there.

Of course being mediocre, the concept does really apply as well since there are dozens of things I want to achieve in the games in my currently line up that I may never hit.

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I’ve got a few. Probably the most notable right now are cracking 100M (score counter rollover) on Whirlwind and winning a major tournament (50+ players) somewhere.

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That’s an Epic goal. Some serious multiballs required, or some mega grinding :smiley:

I’ve already done 59M+ with extra balls on location:

It won’t be easy to break 100M but I feel like it’s at least within my grasp now.

my actual task is 98x playfield on Genesis and I’m thinking about to switch on EBs or set it to 5 Balls, highest was in the 70ies until now.

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Great topic! While I don’t have any anymore some from my past…

255x skill shot multiplier on BOP (achieved)

I500 4x3x victory lap (not achieved) maybe Karl should stream this lol

Valinor with Eb off (achieved)

SDMWM with Eb off (achieved)

Roll Frontier on 3 ball factory (not achieved)

1 bill song jackpot acdc (achieved)


new task: fix my Frontier and roll it on 3 ball factory - I want to achieve something KME never did :metal:


for me its:
indy500 4 ball multiball (not using 2 player exploit)
indy500 2.77b (I had 3 lit and 3x running and shit the bed on stream)

100b on MET
100b on TWD

2 RTTH same game on Maiden

1 trillion on BM66 (I’ve gotten a 2.7t but with a now patched exploit)

and the main one i’ve always wanted to do is beat all 4 KME games back to back to back to back. haven’t actually attempted this but I feel like it might be possible…? if someone does this it’ll be insane (next karl challenge)


How long do you think this would take? KME’s 9B game took about an hour. Does Terminus reset on second & subsequent plays in the same game?

The only thing I’ve ever really wanted is to crack 1000 loops on Doctor Who to see what happens. Personal best is 610. I loaned the game out though so I haven’t tried in a few years.

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crossbow mania can be worth infinite points, just gotta keep it alive and make the right ramp


I don’t recall if they were exactly back to back, but I know I did three of them within two days. AIQ - Trophy Mania, GZ - King of the Monsters, and JP - Escape Nublar. Maiden is the only one I don’t have access to in my town. But it seems very achievable to me.

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On a podcast episode, Lonnie Langford said he once attempted to get 255 mansion rooms on Addams because he heard that the game starts going haywire. I attempted this a few times and only got to around 120.


How about getting multiball on T2 with the 255 target bug?

Or creature super