My attempt to help grow Pinball (PINQUEST)

Hello everyone I wanted to take a moment to tell everyone about our mobile web app! Before I explain how it works I wanted to explain the origins. I LOVE pinball like everyone else here. I operate and am always trying to figure out a way to get new people playing/enjoying the game we all love. The general public realistically has no chance at achieving a high score so what keeps them engaged? This question is why PINQUEST was developed.

PINQUEST is a web app that bars and arcades will use to give players something new and exciting to play for(prizes and digital achievement trophies). A location will subscribe to the PINQUEST app and have access to set up “quests” at their specific location. PINQUEST will be free for the end user(player), and have a small monthly access fee for locations($20 per month no contract)

What’s a “quest”? A quest is a series of “missions” or target scores, on a bank of pinball machines. For example, Stern sponsored a “quest” for our launch party that had target scores, or missions of the following: The Munsters-75,000,000 Deadpool-400,000,000 and Black Knight Sword of Rage-100,000,000. Once a user completed the target scores they were rewarded with a translite of their choice from Stern.

Upon all quest completions a digital trophy is rewarded to the user and stored in their “trophy case” as well. The trophy is a way to show off to your friends via social media, as well as remember the location and scores that you completed the “quest” at.

For now, each location will be responsible for providing prizes. A prize can be as simple or elaborate as desired, just make sure scoring is set accordingly.

How does this work as a user(player)?
A player will log in to the PINQUEST web app and search for participating locations using GPS. A list of locations within a user defined radius will then appear, as well as how many active quests they currently have available.

Once a player starts a “quest” they will be required to prove their score upon each mission completion. Upon mission completion the user will have to do a few things to prove that they achieved the target score:

First they will be required to take a photo. A camera icon will appear that ONLY allows for a new photo, and will NOT allow the user to access their photo album(to prevent cheating). The user will be prompted to make sure the photo CANNOT have a high score or grand champion score with in the photo.

The user will next have to input the score. If the score does not match the photo score, the mission completion will not validate.

Upon mission completion the app will GPS stamp the submission to make sure the score was actually achieved at the specific location hosting the quest.

To prevent someone from cheating and using the previous players score, each score submission will have a specific time period where the exact same score cannot be submitted.

When all missions with in a quest are complete, a “claim prize” button will appear. A user will bring their mobile device to the location staff where a member of the staff will then enter a unique PIN number to the location. The users photos and target scores will appear for validation by the staff. The staff will see score, gps stamp, target score and achieved score. If all of the missions were completed correctly the staff will validate the “quest” completion and reward the user with their prize and the app will automatically reward the user with their digital trophy.

Pinquest will have a few additional features as well such as a leader board to show who has the most trophies within a specified region, as well as in app advertisement space for vendors and locations.

The success of PINQUEST will heavily rely on locations getting on board. If you are interested in signing up your location, or if you have a location you would like to see offer PINQUEST, please contact us at or visit our website for additional information

If you would like to test the app, please visit our website and click the red button to launch the web app. You can search 80020 zip code for one of our locations.

We truly appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope you get to experience PINQUEST soon!

If you have any feed back or questions please feel free to reach out to me directly at



Cindy was telling me about it at pinburgh. Not in my area yet. How do I see all locations that participate for when I travel and might be near one?

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Hey there! You will just launch the app and search via zip code or GPS. I will start to post a map of states that have PINQUEST in the next few weeks!

We will also be announcing some national contests soon!

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You should ask @ROM how much to incorporate a field into showing locations that support Pinquest. They have a great system in place for locating places to play, seems like a good collaboration.


Great idea! I’ll reach out! Thanks for the suggestion!

Sounds really cool. Will be sure to follow this and give the app a whirl.

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Youve got my interest…

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Hey Eric! Awesome! Any question?

Im going to research a little more. This is a great idea.

Sounds good! Lmk if you need any help/have questions!

Our first quest is live right meow…
If you happen to be visiting Austin, come complete this quest and win a Bat City Open 2019 T-shirt

I’m currently working on a few more quests, one of which is going to have a real big prize worth MILLIONS!!! ( OK, not really millions of real dollars, but it will be valuable…)


Millions of Buffalo Billiards Brownie Points, which can be exchanged for prizes starting at 1 Billion BBBP?

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Arcade Super Awesome has a quest up now. We are working on the next few already.

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I really hope this works, sounds like something the hobby needs.

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Kind of, the prize for this one is a private pinball party for 15 that includes 3 hours of free play, some appetizers and drinks.
This quest is not going to be easy @snailman has some really impressive GC scores on some of the machines here.


Can you provide more detail on how this should work in “street locations” that are serviced by a “route operator”? What if the operator is more enthusiastic about this than the location? What if the location is enthusiastic but the operator doesn’t want to do any extra work?
…David Marston

Hey David,

Great questions. There is a great case to be made for the location to get involved as it can only help the business. If people are coming to achieve quests, they are most likely going to be drinking and or eating which is where bars and restaurants really make their money.

In all honestly you can set this up with very minimal involvement from a location. The only thing they need to do currently is to validate the completion of a quest. It takes seconds to do so and there is a simple instruction print out that I have created for the location to hang behind the bar/counter.

From the operator perspective all you truly need to do is set the quests (which is just data entry on a pc or mobile device) and maintain the machines that are active in the quest.

Please remember that a location does not have to provide a prize and can simply offer the digital achievements. Web games lie Pokémon go offer absolutely nothing but the collection factor to a user, and if you wish to only offer the digital trophy, that alone will give users a task.

Hope this answers your question!

Just to confirm what I’m surmising:
It appears that the “missions” are always score-based, and that the proof can be established at end-of-game. Right?
Is it also true that another game can be started on the machine as soon as the photo is snapped?
Is it also the case that the location staffer does not need to walk over to the game to view anything, and can do their part of the verification from behind the bar or somewhere else in the location?
…David Marston

Hey David!

Yes they are all score based. Really no way to do anything other unless the machine scrolls the assigned achievement.

Yes someone can start a game immediately after someone else completes a mission. If someone tries to steal the previous players score it will not allow the same score to be submitted for at least 24 hours.

Correct the location staff doesn’t have to do anything until all missions in a quest are complete. Once a user has completed all the quest they bring their device to the location staff behind the bar.

Hope that answers all of your questions! Let me know if you have any others!

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So I understand this app is fully compatible with video arcade games, use the exact same procedure as with pins. This looks like an untapped market. I’m going to encourage my local arcade (retro zone) to add Donkey Kong. In theory any game with an electronic scoreboard is a potential game for pinquest. I think you hit a home run Neil!!!