MP Ratings / Challenge Matches Open Thread

IFPA announcement:

Match Play announcement:

People may have questions. I wanted to provide one place for them. Even if I don’t have answers :slight_smile:


Critical questions should be directed to @pinwizj

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IT’S FREE . . . oh I’m sorry nobody asked how much it’s going to cost yet? :slight_smile:


For now! :smiling_imp:

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Dude we should be celebrating . . . all those calendar and results submissions of Challenge Matches we don’t have to do.

I’m taking the rest of the day off due to excessive happiness! :slight_smile:

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For a lot of our weeklies, we use MP for our qualifying portion then do finals on paper. As far as MP knows, the tournament ended with qualifying, so it doesn’t seem right to have those count toward MP rating calculations. How should I handle those past events? Going forward, we can make more of an effort to run finals through MP.

You should absolutely submit the qualifying to the ratings. MP Ratings does not care about final tournament standings at all. It only records and rates results from individual games. So even if you only have results from the qualifying portion it’s still valuable data to submit.


That said: Maybe your players will start pushing you to do finals in MP as well since they can earn points on an internet website if you do :wink:

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Ah, good to know! I’ll go through my past tournaments and make sure it’s all cleaned up and ready to be rated.

Let’s please get the term “Website Points” going again . . . I miss it :slight_smile:


@jdelz you shouldn’t have to do any cleaning unless you see tournaments on this list that are not real tournaments:

I’ve very aggressive about for example treating players with identical names as one

I went through and deleted some test tournaments and clones that never got used, so that list is all good now.

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Should a “limited” tournament like a Junior only tournament be included or excluded?

Included! Same for women’s tournaments. Since individual matches are all that matters, tournament restrictions doesn’t matter for MP Ratings the way they do for IFPA sanctioned tournaments

ok boss! 7 test tournaments removed from my list of 92 :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for doing this, Andreas! In theory, this should provide far more accurate player ratings because it leverages actual head to head results versus simulated ones.

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An update to our original Challenge Matches post requiring a best-of-7 match . . . that is no longer a necessity.

ANYTHING played through Match Play whether it’s IFPA endorsed tournament play or not can still impact the Match Play Rating. This has evolved with Match Play not just specifically helping with the Challenge Matches system, but the IFPA officially endorsing the Match Play Rating as an “official IFPA metric”.

So really all MP activity will be pulled through to the IFPA side of things, so play early, play often, play anywhere, play anything . . . just do it through MP :slight_smile:


Dammit. BAPA just switched from MP to a proprietary system. I’ll talk to the prez about submitting past results and I’ll hit up the software guy to see if he can hook us up. Thanks to all involved. Good stuff.

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When I click on the audit link I see 13 tournaments. I see 6 in progress, 1 planned, and 28 closed on the app. What’s being filtered out?

Edit: Is it only tournaments with 16+ players?

Is there any way i can go through my tournaments and modify player names to match their IFPA player name?

Also, I’m in the system as both Timmy Sexton and Tim Sexton. Can I fix that as a user?

I’m seeing the report buttons all around, but I’d rather use App tools to make corrections myself.