Club Ladder and WPPRs

I would like to set up a club ladder at our pinball club. Players could challenge each other and go up and down the ladder. Does IFPA have a format or way to submit the results? This is a little bit like a league but it is played asynchronously. Each match would be best of 3 games.

I don’t think that WPPR will allow a format in which players can selectively choose who to play, and then selectively choose who to accept challenges from. However you could send these results into the Match Play ratings system, which is created for exactly this kind of thing.

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Long discussion about it here:

TL;DR I think it sounds absolutely awful to administer and play in, but apparently other sports do this successfully.

This is issue raised in the other thread. You can award WPPRs if you allow players to choose their opponents, but only in a situation where the field is continually being narrowed down in an elimination type format.