Mobile Camera Rig: Plans and Materials

Yeah I think the BOM is short 2. I experienced the same. Maybe @spraynard can update for the 6 instead of 4.

Dammit I thought I updated that.

A “fix” is to only use two 45 degree supports on the bottom, one left/front, one right/back

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I find these perfect.
Easily adjustable and they hold the position firm

These particular clamps work great for the square 80/20

CAMVATE Camera Clamp Mount for…

They are out of stock on amazon, but they have similar styles ones

Edit: not sure if that link works. Here is a similar one

Suspect your are super busy with INDISC but if you can post the BOM for your new lightweight stand I’d really appreciate it :smiley:


I actually did make one out of 2x4’s since I have those on hand in the shop. 2 biggest things of note for me so far.

  1. One leg was slightly warped. Before assembly it doesn’t look too bad. When assembled it’s bad enough that the lower parts of the upside down T are not parallel enough. This means that I have to flex it a little to get past the legs of a game. The back wheels are closer together than the fronts. I can fix this with a straighter piece of wood, but something to take note of.

  2. My upper cross beam is cut to give a little space when over a standard body. Well, then a Future Spa came home. With the 80/20 frames as long as your cross section is wide enough you can loosen the fasteners and adjust the gap. A wooden frame bolted together isn’t as simple. I’ll probably end up cutting a wider upper cross beam to allow for use with wide games, but that might cause issues with narrow games if the games aren’t spaced really far apart.

Casters were simple though. I got some with threads and measured the major and minor thread diameters. I got a drill bit half way between, drilled out the lower beams, and threaded the casters right in. Nice and snug and very simple to do.