Mobile Camera Rig: Plans and Materials


any of you carried one of these on a plane? how did it go? what sort of case/bag are you using?



i7, SSD, 16G memory, Nvidia or AMD graphics…



I want one of these for the house but the BOM is too much dollars for me. I also do a lot of my streams from location. Did @kdeangelo ever update his idea for a more mobile setup?


I have my updated one but the BOM isn’t that much lower since it relies completely on counterbores and the connectors for them. You might be able to get away with flat plates but you’d need a bunch, and I haven’t priced that option out.

I’ll post my updated BOM once I finally use it this week.


A functionally similar, albeit sloppier/less sturdy, rig made of pvc or steel pipe from a big box store would be a lot cheaper. Likewise a rig made of 2x4s.


With this rig, how is everyone organizing the score cam for EMs? Is the score come on the right side of the rig or left side? I have it on the right side and it’s making it hard to see Grand Prix player 1. I wonder if putting it to the left side of the rig will help and then just maybe cut off the less important digits of the other players?