Match Play Events Open Thread

When MP has to decide which arena to assign in a Flip Frenzy it’ll pick an arena that those two players haven’t played before (or played the fewest times before). This is preferable to what you suggest because it avoids having players play the same machine multiple times just because a particular machine hasn’t been played enough throughout the tournament.

In the tournament you link to no player played the same machine more than once. A perfect outcome.


Yes no player played a machine twice but many machines remained idle while some were used multiple times. That is the poiint I’m making.

Use fewer games. :wink:

Or get more players!


No interest in putting in an option to make it happen if selected I see. Was hoping as it would be so easy to implement.

Sad face :frowning:

For real though Andreas has put in a shitload of time for no money to make this whole thing possible.

If you have that many machines you can make your own schedule, especially if you think it can be implemented so quickly. But why do it when you can make someone else do it!


Hey man, I give him like $30 a year! Surely he must be Scrooge McDucking it in a pool full of gold coins!

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A somewhat feasible suggestion is you could just manually deactivate any arena when you deem it has had too many games played on it.

Laughing at all the solutions provided.

Bought some popsicle sticks and put the game names on them. Each new match a person from the Queue pics a stick from the hat instead of using the arena provided by matchplay. Used sticks go back into hat when all are used.

SImplicity at its best.

Sure, except for the part where the same player gets put on a machine they’ve already played against an opponent who hasn’t.

Enjoy though


Again easily taken care of. Guess math isnt easy for some.

If you’re going to get in a dig about math at someone that’s literally written math textbooks you should at least show the code you’ve written that’s “so easy to implement”.


Yes, I’m very interested in hearing how you are implementing this with popsicle sticks.

Wow. Seems like this forum has gotten closer to Pinside than I ever thought imaginable. Also sad face.


In the old version of matchplay you could set a shortcut to take players directly to the tournament instead of using the unique tournament id. For example, going to will always take you to our upcoming/current tournament because I always update that field to keep it consistent. This has allowed me to print off QR codes for people to scan when they arrive at the tourney. Is there a way to still create these kinds of labels in the new matchplay?

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If mp can’t do it, it is possible to create dynamic qr codes that let you edit the target address

Another thing has come up while posting some tourney results to social media, and I understand that it is probably a lot of work to implement (if even desired). But, it would be nice if Qualifying and Playoffs could be treated as a single entity rather than two separate tournaments that are linked together. I’ve started trying to post the links to the matchplay standings in our social media posts. If I direct them to the playoffs portion, they only see the top 8, if I direct them to the qualifying portion, the top 8 isn’t accurate. This is also a slight issue when using Big Screen View when you start the playoffs and everyone outside of the top 8 are missing from the standings. Again, it’s not a major issue or inconvenience, just something that came up.

I don’t think so since there is no any more. Everyone uses the same Overview, Matches, and Standings pages that are unique to each event.

Pairing algorithms/machine assignment schedules are never easy to implement. I do want to explicitly call that out. Match Play is used for tournaments with many players, few players, many available machines, few available machines.

That aside the decision whether to add a new algorithm is not only a question of the initial implementation time. I also have to take into consideration the cost of maintaining that algorithm more or less forever and how it will be used. The current balancing algorithm performs well for a wide variety of players/available machines where what you propose will only work well when there are many more machines compared to players. It’s too specialized to make it worth implementing and maintaining.

I take a lot of pride in providing a stable and reliable service for pinball tournaments. That sometimes comes at the cost of having to say no.


There is not… yet. Since the old MP is still running I can only support vanity links from the point where I switch all vanity links to point to the new MP (or I have to buy a new domain for the new vanity link but I like

I will bring them back but I don’t know the timing yet. When I make the switch any link will bring people to the new MP so it’s a bit of a jarring switchover.

I do like your hack of constantly editing your tournaments to point a stable link to the latest tournament. That’s kind of neat. Maybe one option is to make a QR code that points to your “Organized” page? Would go here: Match Play Events