Match Play Events Open Thread


Trying Banks for the first time. It will be for finals. I want to have the top seed in each group get to pick a bank of three they want their group to play. Using Group elimination Bracket, for arena draws, the only option related to banks is balanced. I cannot manually assign a bank to each group.

What did I do wrong?


Banks are always assigned using the balanced algorithm. If you have a tournament where a player can pick which banks their group plays you should set the arena option to “manual”. Then MP won’t assign any arenas and you have to manually pick which arenas were played for each game.


Thanks. Just making sure I wasn’t missing something before I did that.


Is there a way to avoid giving any player a bye in a PAPA style group match play tourney? We do random seeding and it would be nice for everyone to be engaged immediately and for no one to sit right off the start.

I tried to figure out a system of dummy players seeded at certain positions to get the proper result but it didn’t pan out. I guess, ideally, I would like to be able to set the number of 4 player and 3 player groups for each round based on the number of players in the tournament.


I don’t think I understand. Byes are never used for group tournament. Players are always put into a group and will never be sitting out a round.


They want to use the group elimination/PAPA bracket format. Most of the bracket sizes have byes.


When running a Best Game tournament, is there a way to actually remove a player from a queue?

If I click the “Not here” button it puts them to the end of the queue but I haven’t been able to figure out how to remove them entirely so they can have a score recorded on a different different game.


I’m actively working on fixing the mess that is best game queues. Sorry about this :frowning:

For now you have to add the player to the queue for the other game you want to record a score for. That’ll remove the player from the original queue


Good enough for me, I just needed a way to record the scores if/when this happened. Thanks!


I’m talking about the “Group Elimination Bracket/PAPA Finals.” I would prefer to have everyone put into a 3 or 4 player group for the first round and then continue from there.

I went through and tried to figure out the best way to seed dummies to simulate what I’m looking for and it can work for the first round but not the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.


How many people are we talking about? 12?


If you don’t want bye in your tournament:

  • Select one of the bracket sizes that do not include byes (8, 16, 32 players)
  • Add all your players to the tournament and seed them
  • Add as many dummy players are needed to fill the bracket exactly. For example: If you have 12 players present, use a 16 player bracket and 4 dummy players (12+4=16)
  • Dummy players should be seeded below any real players
  • Start your tournament


Anywhere from 16 to 32 people, we had 35 people out for our last tourney (but luckily we ran it as a 4strike knockout and didn’t need to worry so much about the numbers).


So just to be clear, you’re doing an event that starts with a group elimination bracket? Anything 32 or under should work fine the way Andreas mentioned above.


Yeah, just pick the next size up from whatever player number you have.

9 players, use 16 player bracket
17 players, use 32 player bracket
33 players, use 64 player bracket (and a lot of dummy players)

Thought I’d offer that playing a 35 player group elimination bracket would not be my idea of fun… There are better tournament formats for that amount of players (like a 4 strikes knockout)


That’s what we have been doing but we ran into problems with certain numbers of people. For example: 20 players + 12 dummies in a 32 player bracket has 4 3P groups and 4 2P groups (where no one is eliminated). So I tried to figure out a way to seed the dummies in a way that I could do that. But then problems still come up in subsequent rounds.


Why wouldn’t this make 8 4 player groups?




Well it does, but those groups include dummy players.


Yes, I agree that a 35 player group elimination bracket isn’t ideal. But I think the format is still good for 32 or less players. Another note, we do run a “B-side” bracket for those knocked out in the first or 2nd rounds. And it tends to give everyone a chance to participate for an extended period.