Match Play Events Open Thread


How do you determine the seeding?


When you have that many dummy players there’s no way to build a bracket without some groups ending up with two dummy players and thus a free ride into the second round. The same thing would happen in a single elimination bracket.


Respectfully disagree. It’s good for a finals after some period of qualifying, but not as a tournament itself. The point of an elimination bracket is just that— to eliminate people. Half your field is cut each round. You could just as easily run a group matchplay tournament for x rounds and have players accumulate points across each round. No need to worry about byes or dummy players, and as a bonus everyone gets to play the same amount. Add an elimination bracket at the end for top players if you desire.

What are your goals for this tournament?


Thanks everyone for your input. I will be looking into changing up our format at our next Group Match Play tournament based on these suggestions. And thanks haugstrup for creating the software.

The goal of our tournaments is to provide a competitive experience without alienating new players. I think that a couple of tweaks to what we’ve been doing will allow us to better accomplish this and make things a lot easier for the TD.


Thanks, @haugstrup as always for the software, and continuous improvement features!

I noticed this in City Champ 8 rules, #10 (below). To execute this rule using MP, do we as TD’s simply manually edit a group’s match point scores after they’ve been entered (7,5,3,1), to reflect the possible 7,7,3,1 in the case below?

“Tournament officials may declare a player as a winner of a game in progress; that player will get 7 points for that game. This will generally occur only if the pace of the tournament is at risk due to exceptionally good play. The affected player must stop play immediately. Any other player reaching the same score in that game will also receive 7 points for that game.”


Yep, use the “adjust points” feature to give the “second place” finisher a couple of extra points


Kicking up an old request to thank @haugstrup as I think this feature has been implemented. I used it a few times recently to take a list of players from an outside source and pasted them in. It seems to do parallel matching of names, and then a second pass to load them up in the order listed to preserve seeding. Thank you!

I would think that this suggestion on UserVoice can be marked as complete:


I totally forgot there was a feedback forum suggestion on this. Yes, this screwed over one TD too many and I finally got around to changing the behavior about a month ago. Takes a little longer, but fewer emails from confused TDs in my inbox :slight_smile:


Is there a way to get aggregate stats on games in a TD’s arena bank (or any stats really) - without dumping all event data and writing my own JSON parser?

I’m mostly interested in easily getting the average (or even better, recent average) play time on games, but total number of plays, count and links to events in which it was used, and number of events that it was played at least once and then later disabled would also be useful.


There is not :frowning:

I’d like to give you those numbers, but… time. I was just telling someone over email that I’d love to build a stats dashboard where you provide one or more tournaments and in return get various data based only on those tournaments. I just don’t have time to build something like that right now. :confused:


Have run two flipper frenzies recently, and the only thing I noticed was that there seems to be a tendency to choose the same arena often.

Last night at Bluffs After Dark - ID er21w

I had 24 players. Queue was set to at least 3, so we had 4 in at all times. We opened with 16 arenas, and lost one over the evening. So with 10 arenas in play, there were always at least 5 open when a new match started.

Yet the only concern I’m hearing from my players is that they seem to be drawing the same arena over and over. Glancing thru the results, I saw lots of 4 visits to arenas, and one poor guy wound up playing Melody 7 times. Melody is fantastic, but not 7 times! I wound up on 8 Ball 4 times myself.

I know it has a lot to do with which arenas are available when matches come up, but 7 times seems excessive lol, especially since we did always have 5 open arenas.


Vote for this and suggest to your players to vote for it too:


I voted! :slight_smile:


So did everybody else :tada: :exploding_head:


I voted. I had to play Title Fight twice in that tournament. Twice!

Here is the tourney:

Plenty of machines available, but a quick glance looks like most people had dupes in their list.


Grand Lizard 4 times!


I get it, I get it!


I will conceed 4 GL > 2 TF
but not by much


Sunday update: The people have spoken. Match Play will now use the balancing algorithm to assign arenas in Flip Frenzy tournaments when there is more than one arena available to choose between.

There may be some special code to always put @chuckwurt on Grand Lizard :shushing_face: :kissing_heart:


for the PEOPLE! thanks Andreas :wink: