Match Play Events Open Thread


How does one submit a Challonge event for MP ratings?

  1. Open Match Play Ratings:
  2. Click “Ext. Events” in the menu
  3. Click the “Submit event” button
  4. Paste your Challonge link into the input field and hit the button
  5. On the following page you can review the player names and add any missing IFPA numbers


Thanks, Andreas. FYI tried submitting this tournament and got the response from MP: “No player may play themself”. I looked at the challonge log and it does not appear to be the case. This was a casual tournament, not IFPA, so you don’t need to fix it, but thought you might be interested in the bug report.


Challonge is a mystery. All the matches appear to have a winner when you look at the website, but in the data from their API one of the matches is listed as still being in progress. I fixed the submission, but of course the unfinished match won’t be recorded for stats. The submission is here:


Thanks, Andreas, I have advised Challonge of the bug, maybe they’ll do something about it.