Match Play Events Open Thread


How does one submit a Challonge event for MP ratings?

  1. Open Match Play Ratings:
  2. Click “Ext. Events” in the menu
  3. Click the “Submit event” button
  4. Paste your Challonge link into the input field and hit the button
  5. On the following page you can review the player names and add any missing IFPA numbers


Thanks, Andreas. FYI tried submitting this tournament and got the response from MP: “No player may play themself”. I looked at the challonge log and it does not appear to be the case. This was a casual tournament, not IFPA, so you don’t need to fix it, but thought you might be interested in the bug report.


Challonge is a mystery. All the matches appear to have a winner when you look at the website, but in the data from their API one of the matches is listed as still being in progress. I fixed the submission, but of course the unfinished match won’t be recorded for stats. The submission is here:


Thanks, Andreas, I have advised Challonge of the bug, maybe they’ll do something about it.


Has anyone here figured out a good strategy for identifying which player with the same name in a tourney is which from the commonly used edit screens (matches, points adjustment, player enable/disable)?

We’ve had people double-register a number of times and I generally flub trying to fix the situation in the standings, different screens sort the names in different orders and it’s hard to track which is which when they’re otherwise identical.

Rename one of the duplicate players? Is there a “remove from tourney” button I’m missing somewhere that’ll actually remove and not just disable a player?


Can you go through the “Merge Players” flow and merge the duplicates? Then you don’t have to care…


Once both players are in the same tournament, I’m not able to merge.


Oh right. I did that. It’s likely that one of the players doesn’t have an IFPA number or isn’t claimed by an actual user account (== has the little “person” icon). You can use that data to keep track of who is who :confused:


That works from the Players screen (where I can activate/deactivate players), but not from the Rounds or Points adjustment screens that just display the name without embellishment - hence the dilemma.

Also, once someone has failed to claim themselves and double-entered a tournament like this, is there any way to merge the accounts or are they forever separate? I have at least two in the system right now.


Found an interesting bug the other night. Group elimination finals with players able to submit their results for automatic approval. On game 3 of 3, a player submits results incorrectly, and MP generates a tiebreaker game. I manually changed the Game 3 scores to be correct, but the tie breaker game stayed there. Had to enter fake results into the tiebreaker in order to end the round.


Oh. Yeah. Renaming the one you don’t want to keep is the way to go. You can rename from the “Players” tab where you can see if they have IFPA number attached or if they’re claimed by a user account. Then go retire that player from the global players page.

You’re unfortunately stuck with the duplicate until I get time to make the player merging a bit smarter.


Ugh, sorry about that. The tiebreaker game should have been deleted – I’ll have to look into why it wouldn’t be. :frowning:


Couple things that are a bit annoying when you are running a tournament series.

  1. When you create playoffs after you tournament you still have to add all the players in, would be nice if it just populated the top 8 (or whatever format) players for you and you can adjust if needed.

  2. If you are running a 7,5,3,1 IFPA scoring there is no way to adjust to a different scoring format, say to a PAPA 4,2,1,0 you have to run a separate tournament to do that.


I agree. I had this originally planned, but had to cut the feature because I didn’t want to hold back releasing the series feature. I don’t think this is on the feedback forums, but it would be a good addition there

Sure you can. Just takes a bit of work. Create your series as normal. Pick the scoring system you’ll be using for the majority of your tournaments.

After the series and all the tournaments have been created, open an individual tournament, click “edit tournament details”. Now you can change the scoring system for just that one tournament. :slight_smile:


The instance I have is I run my normal 6 game group match play at 7,5,3,1 and then we run a PAPA Group Match Play 8 Player playoff, you are saying that when I click on create playoffs to set this up I can actually change the scoring to a 4,2,1,0… Didn’t see that that option at all, have always had to create a separate tournament to do this. I will check this out next week and try it out. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.


Yes. The playoffs tournament will be created using 7/5/3/1 but you can always click “edit tournament details” before starting a tournament and change it to whatever you want.


Sweet, thanks for the advice, I will ensure to do this BEFORE I start the tournament. Thanks!!!


I’m looking for input on figuring out how to set up an event that doesn’t seem possible in matchplay right now without needing a dedicated TD and scorekeeper not playing in the event and jumping through a bunch of hoops. I’m hoping there’s a way to do it that I’m just missing.

I want to set up two-three banks of five games and assign different players to different banks. High score scoring, single attempt. Players play in groups of 3-4 players, having groups assigned automatically would also be nice. To be clear - players play in groups, but the scores are compared to all others that play that game during the event.

Right now it looks like if I want to do this I would set up a card-based high score tournament and then manually assign each game to each player one at a time. Additionally, If one of the games has to get swapped out midway through the night (this usually happens at least once), it doesn’t look like there is a way to “fix” cards without voiding it and re-entering all games and all results for all players. Reporting is also a problem because not every player can self-report and there’s no option for high score group play so group members can report for others.

Any suggestions on a better way to approach this?


Yeah, I wouldn’t use Card Best Game for the same reason you mention. It’s too much clicking around.

Will the standings for each bank be separate? If so I’d create a regular Best Game tournament for each bank of games. Then use “some method” for dividing players into banks and add each player to their specific tournament.

Each of the Best Game tournaments will only have the machines in that specific bank and you can set them up to only accept one result per player per machine. It’ll give you more freedom when swapping out machines mid-tournament as well