Match Play Events Open Thread


Thanks for your help. Can I request the best-of-x finals format as a feature addition? :smiley:


Look through the requests, maybe someone else has requested it and you can vote for it or add your idea.



In the Pingolf series I’m running, the format is that the worst two weeks get dropped. We’re starting to get week 7 (out of 8) results, so I’m seeing totals with 1 week dropped. Sounds good so far, right? But, it appears to be dropping the week with the lowest score rather than the highest score. Did I set it up wrong, or does it not know how pingolf works? :slight_smile: Pretty sure the wording for the option I used was “worst” rather than “lowest”.

Also, it would be great if the net results were shown in,,, in addition to… but that’s relatively minor.



@stevevt there’s a special points setting for pingolf series that you should use. What’s the link to your series (the links in your post are truncated)? I’m happy to change it for you.




That was my bad. Your series was configured correctly. I’ve fixed my problem and the standings should look better now.


Best case scenario all around. :slight_smile: Thanks!



Additional Scorekeepers:
How does this work?
Does this allow any player to update scores?
Can you allow certain players to entire scores?
I have a Premium account, do the other scorekeepers need a Premium account.


Anyone you assign as a scorekeeper.

Yes. Assign that player as a scorekeeper. On the “Create Tournament” screen, just under “Seeding, Pairing, and Points” change the dropdown to “allow additional scorekeepers”


The second tab will be Scorekeepers once you enable them. You’ll go there to assign them. They don’t have to be entered in the tournament to be a scorekeeper.


@YeOldPinPlayer walked you through the scorekeepers and I’ve nothing to add there. I do want to point out the “Player can suggest results” feature.

It’s different from scorekeepers in that with scorekeepers you pick one or more people to assist with scorekeeping and those scorekeepers can enter results for all games in the tournament.

When you use “players can suggest scores” all players can suggest scores, but only for games they are playing in. The tournament organizer or a designated scorekeeper must approve the suggested scores before they’re saved.

You can use only one of those features or both together depending on what suits your mood. It can be a huge timesaver to have players suggest their own results.


Awesome thanks.


Awesome Thanks.


question, I’m potentially TD’ing for an event. That event is a head to head event but NOT round based. so I’d enter all the names, then matchplay would assign all the matches. The players would select that they are playing each other, matchplay would offer them an arena not in use, and they would enter win/lose on each app and keep track of all the scores and who is winning etc. Players can get on with playing their games at the fastest pace they can.

is this a feature matchplay has?



then matchplay would assign all the matches

How is it determined who plays who? I think I don’t understand what it is you’re wanting to do :slight_smile:


sorry its head to head everyone plays everyone once.


And then players are ranked on win loss :slight_smile: sorry in my head it’s obvious LOL :slight_smile:


Isn’t that just round robin?


Yeah, but you currently still have to do it round by round. You can start multiple rounds at the same time but games are still assigned sequentially. It’s also not super intuitive to sort through multiple rounds and I got a ton of questions when we tried pushing more than one round live at a time.


^suggestion already up.


As pointed out you can use the Round Robin format and all the matches will be created for you. With a lot of players the scrolling can be a little intense to find the right game to enter results for (it helps a lot to let players suggest their own results). As @Law points out arena selection is currently best handled outside of MP.

One thing that a lot of people do is to play a Double Round Robin (you face every opponent twice). Then each player can have one choice of machine.