Match Play Events Open Thread


Cool thanks! Would it be hard to add the name of the location to the Arena? I can add it to uservoice but wanted to know up front first the level of effort since for selfie leagues and multiple location tournaments it helps to know and see where the machine is in the tournament view…


I thought it was on uservoice already, but I can’t find it. You should add it there. It’s not a big effort but you would have to add locations again for every tournament (i.e. the arena location would belong to the tournament and not the arena)


What’s the feature request link again?

Progressive strikes tournament and I’m looking at my stats. The matches just have trophies next to them. Can they say how many strikes I got for each match or the finishing position?



It’s at the top of the “Popular Links” section directly below the first post.


@chuckwurt That page now shows the amount of strikes awarded (or a trophy if no strikes awarded)

I also renamed “Aussie strikes” to be named “Fair strikes” (thank you @keefer!)


Thank you!!


Hey @haugstrup - I love the bulk upload feature, especially as I’m moving from Qualifying to a Finals format.

One thing I found is that I will have a list of eight people in the order that I would expect for seeding, and what I find is that after the eight players have loaded, the “Seed Players” screen is in somewhat scattered order from the order I had them listed in the bulk upload. It would be cool if the seed order was the same as the order added in the bulk upload. If this is a new “feature” request, then I can add it to Uservoice.


I think i don’t know how to do this but it sounds like you can use the bulk upload to use the IFPA results of the qualifying to add to a playoffs/finals? sweet!


Are you talking about this form?

That page is great for adding a whole ton of players to your tournament in one go, but the seeding behavior you’re seeing is expected. In order to add players quickly they’re being added in parallel. So they’re going to be added in a sort-of random order.

There’s a better way though. In your qualifying tournament click the “Create playoffs” button and you’ll end up on this page:

It already has the players from your qualifying tournament and you can quickly select the 8 players you want. These players are added in the correct seeding order.


Thanks! Upon reading that I remembered that you released that functionality so I’ll remember that when we have MatchPlay qualifying and need to transition to Finals.

My specific problem was we had NeverDrains Best Game Qualifying, and I copied and pasted the names to get Playoffs in MatchPlay, and then I had to re-arrange seeds afterwards. My presumption is that it won’t be a high priority for you, but I’ve added the request to UserVoice.


Had a weird ‘bug’ today. Event

I created this as Group Match Play, Arena Banks. Configured my banks, two machines in each bank.

Apparently I chose one match per round, thinking that would assign one bank per group and play both games in the bank. So Matchplay never choose the second game in any bank. The only time the second machine in a bank was ever used was when the assigned game was unavailable and the game had to be reselected.

Is there ever a case when using Arena Banks you would have fewer games in a round than the number of machines per bank? If not, can Matchplay default to games per round = games per bank?


We can file that under “match play is confusing to use”. If you’re going to have machine banks you should set “games per round” to be the same as the number of machines in each bank. It’s not possible to catch this when the tournament is created (the banks aren’t available yet), but maybe I can do something on the screen where you configure your machine banks. I’m sorry for the confusion!


Yes, I definitely take the blame for that part. I wonder why MP didn’t choose from all available machines though? If it’s only assigning one game per group why exclude the second game in a configured bank?


Machine bank games are always assigned in order. So game 1 will have machine 1 in that bank, game 2 will always have machine 2 and so on.

It’s super useful to always list games in the same order when using banks, but it’s confusing when the tournament doesn’t have enough games per round


Pingolf update

Calculating PGM and TGP values for Pingolf tournaments is no fun at all. Match Play will now calculate these numbers for you:

  • For regular pingolf tournaments you’ll find a “PGM” tab on the “Scorecards” page on Match Play Live. Use the dropdown to only calculate PGM for the number of players you’re advancing to finals. Example:
  • For pingolf elimination brackets you’ll find PGM & TGP values for each round on the “Matches” page on Match Play Live. Look on the right hand side at the bottom of each round: Example:


Had a progressive strikes tournament where we allowed results to be suggested by the players. However, in addition to the finishing positions, the software let them enter scores. this messed with the final standings as some actually entered the scores.

Is there a way to turn that off for formats where final game score does not matter? feature request possibly?



There’s currently not an option to turn that off, but I know a good place where to place such a suggestion :wink:

How did it mess up the tournament standings? Did people type in their finishing position as numbers instead of game scores and the TD didn’t catch it?


No they put their finishing position in correctly but in some cases they also put their scores. So throughout the event, the standings were not following the total strike counts. It was weird. After each round there were people with fewer strikes lower in the standings than people with more strikes.

Once they were knocked out it seemed to fix itself, but still had a couple people jumbled up amongst the standings at the end. I’ll post the suggestion on the other site.



Hrm, that sounds really strange. Entering scores has no effect in that sense. They’re only displayed visually and don’t affect points or strikes.

Having the standings jumbled in knockout events is normal when a round is in progress. Standings will always show people who have completed the most games first, followed by people who haven’t finished their game in the current round. So standings can appear jumbled until the round is over and everyone has finished their game. Do you think that’s what you were seeing?


I thought that at first when the players reported it, but I specifically went back and checked the standings at the end of the round to see if the standings corrected themselves.

Maybe the two are not related. It was the only thing we could think of that would cause the issue.

Either way, I think just to avoid confusion it would be nice to allow the players to only enter their finishing positions for strikes and Matchplay events.