Match Play Events Open Thread


Cool thanks! Would it be hard to add the name of the location to the Arena? I can add it to uservoice but wanted to know up front first the level of effort since for selfie leagues and multiple location tournaments it helps to know and see where the machine is in the tournament view…


I thought it was on uservoice already, but I can’t find it. You should add it there. It’s not a big effort but you would have to add locations again for every tournament (i.e. the arena location would belong to the tournament and not the arena)


What’s the feature request link again?

Progressive strikes tournament and I’m looking at my stats. The matches just have trophies next to them. Can they say how many strikes I got for each match or the finishing position?



It’s at the top of the “Popular Links” section directly below the first post.


@chuckwurt That page now shows the amount of strikes awarded (or a trophy if no strikes awarded)

I also renamed “Aussie strikes” to be named “Fair strikes” (thank you @keefer!)


Thank you!!